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The faction of those belonging the Fujou Clan. A sub-faction of the Demon Hunter Organization. This faction is famous for its acts as a


"mediator" between the quarreling sides of OLYMPUS, and frequently the person chosen as a "neutral person" for the Duel Battles is from Fujou Clan. The dorm head, Fujou Suzuka, is reportedly one of the few persons who can keep the dorm heads of Holy Church factions and the Dead Apostle faction in line. Fujou Clan has also produced a lot of healers, who bring money to the dorm by offering their services to the members of other factions. The most passive of the three factions that make up the Demon Hunter Organization, and is called the "Leash Clan" jokingly by other factions.


The Fujou Clan's dorm takes the form of a large, japanese Shinto temple. The temple itself is so large and has lot of side-buildings connected to it via walkways that it can house all the students, with males and females separated. The area around the temple is a model of a Japanese garden, with large amounts of sakura trees planted around the perimeter. During the spring, they bloom with full force, making the dorm area more beautiful than any other in OLYMPUS. The dorm head's quarters are located in the main building, in the large room where god would be enshrined in a normal Shinto temple.

Current Members[]

The list of the currently known members of Fujou Clan.