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Fujou Asuka
Shizuka's younger sister
Also known as: Chaotic Sun
Appears in: Fate/Regalia (Backstory)
Played by: NPC
Character type: Backstory Character
Affiliation: Fujou Clan
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 8th
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Gold

Fujou Shizuka's younger sister. Said to be her sister equal in overall terms. Apparently seems to have some sort of personality issue that causes her to be almost always angry for something or the other. Not much is known about her except that she is living back in Japan with her father.


Apparently used to be a very timid and shy girl, always hiding behind Shizuka or Kaname. When she developed the Dual Mind trait, her mind was damaged, and although she did not develop a second personality, she grew an impulse on the back of her mind that seems to push her to lash out with anger all the time.

Did a 180º turn on how she used to be, and became a delinquent of sorts. Although she attends Hokuto's training with the same intensity Shizuka does, her attitude towards it is completely different. Due to her constant anger impulse and her bipolarity, she has very few friends. Asuka is rather close with her sisters, which have proven to be the only ones capable of containing the extremes of her anger.

She seems to be afraid of Shizuka's power due to being on the receiving end of the worst of that ability during their sparring sessions. Thanks to this, she seems to show a more submissive side of hers when facing her elder sister.


Unknown. It is known that she wanted to go with Shizuka to OLYMPUS, and apparently the plan of the Fujou elders was that. However, Hokuto did not let her go until she completed the same training Shizuka had went through. It is, apparently, possible that she'll show up in OLYMPUS at a later date.

For now, she is occupying the position her sister used to have back in Japan's mainland.

Abilities and Skills[]

A synchronizer with Dual Mind and Never Back Down perks. Like her sister, the identity of what her two ESPs are is a big unknown, even for other members of the clan. Due to this, Half-Bloods in Japan fear and avoid fighting her. Shizuka has said that Asuka is a better ESPer than she is, although her physical abilities are lower in comparison. The truth of this statement is yet to be proven, but it is known that at least Asuka seems to cause a lot of collateral damage with her fighting style that has been the death of many a rampaging Half-Blood.

It is known that mosto fhte time Shizuka won their sparring matches, and that Asuka has been trained like an assassin, too.