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Firo Prochainezo
Also known as: "The Mad Librarian of Firenze"
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: Mellon
Character type: Master, Magus
Affiliation: Sea of Estray
Gender: Male
Birthday: 12th of September
Height: 1.69 m
Weight: 62 kilos
Blood type: AB-
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Firo's Theme ~ Paradise Lunch

Firo's Past ~ La Valse Noire

Firo's Battle Theme ~ Magus Night

Firo Prochainezo is one of the player characters in Fate/Regalia. Master of Lancer and one of the largest headaches around, Firo is a scion of one of the oldest Magecraft families in Europe and is affiliated with the Sea of Estray faction. Always seen with his odd colored suits and his cheerful disposition, Firo attends the Athena Academy's third grade, always poking into things that interest him, whether he is welcome or not.


Curious, inquisitive and somewhat of a daredevil, Firo is the prime example of a person who never thinks (or simply does not care) about the consequences of his actions. With no regrets and no qualms about doing what he feels right, his impulsive and rather disruptive actions have earned him a number of enemies during his life. They have also earned him a large number of friends. Even though Firo has traveled the world since he was twelve and seen far more cruelties then most men, he still maintains his cheery and easy-going outlook on life, seemingly never taking anything seriously.


Known to have worked with the Half-Demon mercenary Kimon no Kazu for a couple of years.




An ability which allows the user to learn everything on every paper object (or other assorted materials) in the surrounding area. The radius of the ability is approximately 500 meters in all directions. After the first activation, this is ability is automatic and does not require conscious control. Long term disuse may cause the ability to regress and require a "reactivation" to restore it to its normal state.

Mystic Eyes of Signing[]

A lower form of the Mystic Eyes of Contract, Mystic Eyes of Signing, allow the wielder to create an empathic inscription out of prana, which is then layered on to the surface, where it is then branded upon the target. This “branding” causes no physical pain and is only detectable visually. A relatively useless ability, hardly even considered to be Mystic Eyes by the Association. However, they have an unseen advantage to a user of Runic Magecraft. The Mystic Eyes can be used to place the rune upon the target almost instantly and without any actual process of engravement. Also, the strong empathic connection overrides the weaknesses usually involved with ranged application of runes (Circuit-Resistance repulsing them) giving them increased combat viability. All Runic Magecraft costs 20 prana less to cast.



Rank: A

A rune that emits a sonic boom filled with prana. The sound does not damage people, but rather targets the surrounding prana constructs. All sorts of hostile spells or mystical abilities that use prana and are active in the area are disrupted (this does not affect Noble Phantasms). The amount of prana used to activate the ability is lost. Spellcasting is disrupted, but no prana is lost (this can be used to “interrupt” true name activations of NPs). Note that this interruption is a brief blast, no actual abilities are hampered (you can recast the spell or start your incantation again no problem).

Isaz (Forgotten Spell)[]

Rank: B (C)

A rune that causes the water in the air to freeze and condense, surrounding the entire area in a thick mist impossible to peer through. Reduces visibility, smell and hearing to zero, barring an ability or skill that allows the target to see through visual obstructions (Clairvoyance or Mystic Eyes that allow to peer through magecraft). Also saturates the entire area in prana, making sensing through “prana-sensing” impossible. Unless possessing the aforementioned ability, offensive actions are impossible and all attacks against anyone inside the fog count as surprise attacks (barring Instinct). Firo is immune to these visual impairments and can take action as normal.


Rank: D

A low rank attack rune symbolizing “day” Dagaz takes the shape of a small scale burst of searing hot light. Deals D rank damage. Can be cast in clusters up to 4 at a time. The wounds dealt by the light are searing hot restraining healing abilities. Healing abilities cannot be used for 5 turns from dealing damage.