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Felix Caelum
Felix v2
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: Dranes
Character type: Master, Magus
Affiliation: Clock Tower
Gender: Male
Height: 173cm
Weight: 65kg
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Light blue

Felix Caelum is one of the player characters in Fate/Regalia, master of Saber. Felix is a second-year student of Class 2-B attending Athena Academy as well as a magus who is affiliated with the Clock Tower faction.



Unknown, as of now.


Felix arrived on OLYMPUS with the rest of the new arrivals, meeting a half-blood by the name of Ren Sasaki on the bus trip to Athena Academy, introducing himself and sharing a short conversation with the young man before arriving at the Academy.

There he attended the opening ceremony, learning of both Masters and Servants from the lead speaker of the ceremonySion Eltnam Hyperion Atlasia. After the ceremony ended, he along with the rest of the new students headed to their new classes. Being assigned to class 2-B, he found his new homeroom teacher to be the harsh Ursula von Einzbern, avoiding getting into trouble on the first day he acquinted himself with one of his new class mates Wang Fang Hua who was friendly enough to answer his questions. However after he asked for an exchange in contact details, he realised his mistake too late as Wang left shortly after.

Finishing classes for the day, Felix headed to the Dementar market, not planning on staying long but the exact opposite occured. Looking through the market he ended up in the restaurant, the Blue Flamingo where he fell asleep, wasting an afternoon. Waking up later in the end, he contemplated for a moment before heading to the Clock Tower dorms.

Arriving at the dorms he briefly met with Lassy McKenzie and Mojarto Briel, asking them about servants though obtained little more then general information. After he met with the Dorm Head of the Clock Tower, Roselia McKlennington who he asked the same questions as before but was given no answers. Bidding the dorm head farewell, Felix left the dorm and headed to the library.

At the library he was able to better acquaint himself with the different wards of OLYMPUS via the information present in the library, he was also able to overhear some of the different rumours that were spread around OLYMPUS at the time including one peculiar rumour where phoning oneself would allow them to talk to their future self. Before finally leaving the library, the magus was able to download the Dual Chart app for his phone.

Felix went through the city, getting used to the roads of OLYMPUS before finally heading back to his dorm, tired from the day even after the early afternoon nap. On a whim before falling asleep he tested the 'call yourself' rumour which ended with a symphony of sorts playing back to him. A clue to the summoning process but one he didn't understand yet it seemed, with a shake of the head he'd fall asleep soon after too tired to give it another thought