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Skies above South America

Floating academy city of OLYMPUS
This is the fight to the death, by those called from beyond time
Countless factions send in their youth, fighting for the one and only miracle
Witness, for this is the birth of SIXTH
Will the Rule be finally broken, and shall the mankind free itself from that which awaits it?
Hear ye Masters! – The one holding the name of Atlasia issues a call!
Come out and brandish your destiny, destroying that of others!
6 is 9 and 9 is 6
Thus, summon thy Servants and prepare for War!
Heaven’s END draws near
Who shall be the last one standing and receiving the right to be our next savior?
This, the fight between innumerable heroes, shall decide it.

Fate/Regalia is a roleplay set in 2020, twelve years after the original, fifth Heaven's Feel of Fate/Stay Night. Now, in the floating academy city of OLYMPUS, young people are being gathered by the Atlasia in charge of the flying fortress. Another Holy Grail War is starting, but this time, the stakes are higher.

Nine years after the Holy Grail War of Fuyuki City, the construction of the floating city "OLYMPUS" has been finished. Led by the sect from the upper echelons of Atlas, "Pantheon", this academy city is the home for the "special young individuals" that Pantheon has been searching for. Countless young people have received an invitation to enroll into OLYMPUS's "Athena Academy", where it is tested whether or not they are the kind of people Pantheon is searching for. Those who are eventually, through unknown means, become Masters. These Masters, after summoning their Servants, prepare for war against other Masters in the streets of the floating city, for the ultimate prize.

Just what is this "Grand Experiment" the head of Pantheon, Atlasia, refers to? What are the requirements of summoning a Servant and becoming a Master? What is the purpose of the Crystal City that surrounds Athena Academy? Why are the words "Memento Mori" etched on to the hull of OLYMPUS? What is the "True Miracle" that is granted to the winner of this Holy Grail War? Many questions exist, and it is up to the students of the OLYMPUS to solve them.

Countless factions inhabit the academy city, all trying to be the one that wins, while their members form their own friendships and relationships. This is a city of social links, like a thick web, where knowing both your enemies and friends is more important than anything else. Knowledge that is hidden is unraveled, and mysteries that were forgotten are solved. This RP promotes all from battles to social interaction between characters, not forgetting the mysteries of OLYMPUS. It is up to the players to decide what is the destiny of the floating academy city.


As the new school year in OLYMPUS starts up, the tensions between some of the factions grow stronger. While it might be only a temporary relief, the batch of new students that are arriving on the last days of the spring vacation are a source of much curiosity. This curiosity most likely makes many of the most bitter enemies forget each other, as they are busy dealing with these people who are completely new to OLYMPUS. It remains to be seen if the arrival of these new students helps to mend the bad relationships with some people, or if they just escalate them further...

Player Characters[]

Archer & William Tenevere: A duo that takes life for what it is, and occasionally steal stuff. While the two don't seem to share a goal, they seem to get along fine.
Artificer & Rei Fujou: An estranged duo at times, but Rei and Artificer seem to tolerate each other just fine. While the first is in OLYMPUS to try and save a life, the second just wants to live life his own way.
Assassin & Irmina Von Einzbern: A Silver-Haired Doctor with something of an Ego problem, and the calm and collected Servant who acts like her big sister, and seems to be enjoying this second life. Their stance on the war is unknown.
Berserker & Shang Asuka: A tempermental heir who tries to keep her cool, and a raging Servant who does anything but. An unsual team, but a team nonetheless.
Chanter & Fiore Lacere-Ran: The apathetic, vainglorious scion of a powerful "princess" among the Dead Apostles and his Servant, a pensive who is repulsed by the very premise of the Grail War, as well as those who seek its prize.
Crusader & Stanistaw Król: A well-mannered Assembly of the 8th Sacrament Master and his valiant Servant, both of them seek the Holy Grail of OLYMPUS.
Defender & Akio Saiki: A Crimson Red Vermillion Half-Blood with tight bonds to his family and his stoic Defender-class Servant. Despite a lot of simillarities, teamwork proves to be rather tough.
Dreamer & Erwin Eifer Schwert: No information yet.
Dreamer & Noelle Fontaine: A Heroic Spirit who boasts the highest obscurity possible and his Master, a magus turned vampire by her own research. A duo whose only common ground seems to be their out of control mouths, which constantly dig them into more trouble than they can handle, even if one of the two seems to thrive in the trouble his mouth makes.
Enchanter & Chris Arelius: A youthful member of the Church and his attractive Servant. Both are known for their more passive nature when it comes to the war.
Gunner & Juliana Petronova: A Russian Atlas alchemist who is rather meek and mute and a simple-minded yet eager Servant. They favor using guns in battle, and get along well with each other.
Hunter & Shizuka Fujou: No information yet.
Invoker & Kimon no Kazu: A Half-Blood Master and a royal-like Servant who don't really get along. They try to reveal the true reason for the strange events of OLYMPUS.
Kaiser & Drake Walker: An Ex-Magus Master and a Servant who seems to despise war and fighting. They strive to unveil the truth behind OLYMPUS in order to attain their wishes.
Lancer & Firo Prochainezo: An easygoing Magus with his fiery and arrogant Servant. An erratic duo without a clear purpose, their actions and movements in OLYMPUS seem to follow nothing but their own whims.
Marauder & Maibe Shenouda: A homunculus from the new faction, Remnants of Timaeus. A generally quiet and confident girl who makes a bad pair with her mischievous and sadistic Servant.
Maker & Lapis: A cheerful Homunculus who is eager to learn, and her more independent, highly assertive Servant. Awed at the latter, the Master often defers to the Servant.
Murderer & Zero: No information yet.
Reaver & Himari Aoyama : An easily angered miko and her surprisingly calm Reaver. The serious and studious student to the lazy and relaxed.
Rider & Ichirou Tama: No information yet.
Saber & Felix Caelum: No information yet.
Saver & Elethia Greyfield: One of the strangest combinations out there - Saver is a humble and elegant Servant, having no attachments to her past even though she seems to be much more than just a Shrine Maiden. The Servant acts like a makeshift 'big sister' towards her Master, a Master that while Alien, has the demeanor much like an eager, yet innocent child. The duo is fairly peaceful and it is unknown if they even plan to partake in hostile activities. Awaken not the sleeping calamity though.
Seer & Gin/Jin Ryougi: An upbeat and high spirited Ryougi who loves to travel and go on adventures and his snippy Servant who just wants a peacefully day but gets dragged along anyway
Squire & Luis Sancho Díaz: An old "knight" whose fantasy has become reality and his Master, an inexperienced Spanish magus trying to find his "wish". Together, they fight crime for the Grail.
Trickster & 4: A Dead Apostle Master and a Servant. A rather mysterious pair.
Warder & Elaine Rousseau D'Normandy: An odd pair, a centuries-old Sun Praising Dead Apostle and her playful, yet somewhat fatherly Servant, together, they fight in the name of Justice.

Missing In Action[]

Betrayer & Liu Long Mei: A very sleepy, yet easily motivated "princess" of a Chinese Magus Dynasty, and a humbled Servant who regrets the hubris of his previous life.
Caster & Alacia Starward: A young girl who seems to always have an overabundance of energy. A Servant who is mostly enjoying the simple pleasures in life.

Retired Characters[]

Assassin & Matthias Gummer: Young homunculus Master with lazy attitude and his Servant, one of the 19 Hassans who seems to be... a little girl.
Berserker & Hakan Strikr: A Dead Apostle Master and his quiet and often calm Berserker. While they occasionally clash, they respect each other a great deal. While working together, they pursue entirely different goals.
Chanter & Minato Kageaki: No description yet.
Defender & Ren Sasaki: A Half-Blood master with an apathetic character and a Servant who has somehow been enrolled into the Defender Class.
Enchanter & Syouko Asakura: A young Taima Master with a stoic personality and her rather severe and serious Servant. It's often hard to tell who the actual Master is between the two.
Hunter & Derwin Latton: Chivalric Master who happens to be part of the Chivalric Orders and his Servant, Hunter, a confident warrior who carries an odd, sickle-like weapon.
Marauder & Katsuhiro Asakami: A cheerful, overly friendly Demon Hunter and his Servant.
Ravager & Sakuya Ryougi: No description yet.
Reaver & Siegfried von Himmelstein: A teenaged homunculus from an Einzbern branch family and his sword-wielding Servant.
Rider & Shiki Araya: A duo with a tragic past trying to forge their own futures even if they must go up against gods.
Saver & Viktoria von Einzbern: A rather introverted homunculus and her golden armor-clad Servant.
Warder & Rebecca Valentine: A Dead Apostle Master with a calm and content facade and her confident Servant who is always searching to prove herself.

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