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Through age of future’s past
With strangest of ways
In which, sword in hand
A truth revealed to the last
Who uncovers those days

Your choice you cannot outrun
Lies and truth are this tale
IN the end there was just one
Who found the Mocking Grail

In the end there was just one

—And then there were none

The cold, unforgiving island of Tengetsu. A city wrapped in mysteries tighter than the blanket of snow it is wearing. The annual "Great Blizzard" is approaching; a huge snow storm that cuts off the island from the rest of the world for weeks. Locals are not the only ones who are there to enjoy this odd local phenomena, but tourists, too, have gathered in droves to witness the spectacle. The small town once under the occupation of Nazi Germany is now a prosperous, shining beacon of light for the rest of Japan. Though the dark days of the past still occasionally cast their shadows, and though sinister mysteries raise their heads every now and then, everything seems to be peaceful this winter...

... until the beginning of the Second Heaven's Moon.

A great ritual meant to bring forth the Mocking Grail, an omnipotent vessel that is said to grant miracles to those who obtain it. And to obtain it, one must fight in a war. War that is fought between nine people, nine Masters. Nine Masters and nine Servants.

Masters - People from around the world with supernatural talents.

Servants - Heroic Spirits summoned to the modern age to enter a bloody melee to death.

You are one of these nine, either a Servant or a Master. You've been invited by the call of a mysterious letter, and three red brands appearing on you. Someone, or something, on this freezing cold island requests your presence... and you have decided to answer. Perhaps to find the truth. Perhaps to know why. Perhaps to simply win. Perhaps to have your wish granted. Perhaps to enjoy the deaths of others.

Your reasons are your own.

The only thing expected of you...

... is to win.


Fate/Moon White Redux is a forum roleplay that serves as a re-telling of the original Fate/Moon White that was never finished. With slight tweaks made to the system and with a brand new rulebook, the Holy Grail War of Tengetsu is taken to new heights. This is no high school island floating in the sky. This is a cold and dark place, where vicious mysteries try to obstruct you from proceeding. This is a place where you must either fight or die, as alliances are unlikely. In other words, this is the true essence of a Holy Grail War condensed. There are no Gamemaster-determined enemies to fight. The only enemies you must defeat to win are other players. Fair or unfair, clean or dirty, honorable or dastardly... how you decide to tackle this war is up to you. Even whether you are a Servant or a Master is up to you.

But remember: there can be only one winner.

Everything you need to get started can be found in the rulebook. The rulebook, on the other hand, can be found here.



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