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There are multiple factions in Fate/Regalia that are trying to gain dominance in OLYMPUS. However, due to the fact that almost all factions are now headed by young people that have different goals from the ones issued them before they came to OLYMPUS, there are no open wars between these factions. In fact, most of these factions live in a harmony in the academy city, if not counting for the occasional squabbles between the factions of Holy Church and Dead Apostles.

There are total eleven factions in OLYMPUS, and seven of these are so called "Player-Factions" that the players themselves are in. These Player-Factions are divided into various sub-factions that determine the actual dorms where the characters sleep, and various other things. The factions are.

Player Factions[]

  • Eastern Mysteries

Divided into three sub-factions: Japanese Half-Bloods, Enlightened Road and The House

  • Demon Hunter Organization
Divided into three sub-factions: Fujou Clan, Asakami Clan and Ryougi Clan
  • Homunculi

Divided into three sub-factions: Einzbern Homunculi, Angelica Cage and Remnants of Timaeus

  • Mages Association
Divided into three sub-factions: Clock Tower, Sea of Estray and Atlas
  • Holy Church
Divided into three sub-factions: Chivalric Orders, Assembly of the 8th Sacrament and Order of the Templars
  • Vampires

Divided into three sub-factions: Dead Apostles, Trismegistus Circle and Valley of Mercury

  • Eastern Association
Divided into three sub-factions: China Order, Middle-Eastern Order and Taima

Non-Player Factions[]

  • ARES
  • Pantheon
Has a inner circle known as Dodekatheon
  • Gardeners
Divided into two sub-factions: Academy Staff and City Staff