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Elethia Greyfield
Elethia Greyfield Normal
Also known as: Crystal Princess
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: Ayakashi
Voice actor: Ryo Hirohashi
Affiliation: Valley Of Mercury, Class 1-D
Gender: Female(?)
Birthday: Unknown
Height: 5'2 ft
Weight: 40kg
Three sizes: Go measure them.
Blood type: Alien
Hair color: Silver-Blue
Eye color: Magenta
Character Theme: Melody

Battle Theme: Carpe Noctem

A lifeform from the Valley of Mercury Dormitories that attends Class 1-D. She is known to be amongst the more friendly, albeit shy of the lifeforms coming from that mysterious faction.

Elethia will eventually be the Master of Saver.


“The purposeless seek purpose, the meaningless seek a meaning... but will they ever find an answer? Or is this just a cruel, never-ending search? There are things perhaps best left undiscovered.”

Very little is known about individuals that comes from the Valley of Mercury. There are many speculations on their origins, some saying that these are creatures spawned by a Type-class being who settled down a long time ago in the most receded land of South America; others say that the people of the Valley of Mercury could very well have been humans once upon a time, but were turned into what they are now after wandering too close to the ‘Ultimate One’ of Mercury.

Just like the rest of the life-forms from the Valley of Mercury, Elethia has no idea why she even is in OLYMPUS, simply trying to live a ‘normal’ life. A ‘normal’ life mostly consists of going to school, learning the ways of humanity, and doing activities in relation to the earthly concepts that she’s become attached the most to. In Elethia’s case, it would be “Joy”, “Life” and “Kindness”, for they oppose the truly Alien reality that resides within her: conceptlessness, that which is without any concept, that which sees no life, nor death.


“Uhm… I’m not too good at interacting with humans yet, but uh, I suppose that I do love them a lot~ They’re so fun!”

The first impression people usually get from Elethia is that she does her best to avoid people and appears to enjoy loneliness; that she’s someone who’s uncomfortable at social interactions. Well, that’d be the general idea anyone would get towards lifeforms from the Valley of Mercury, since they’re alienness to the world is a big factor that hampers their understanding of humanity.

But that is not a very accurate of how Elethia’s personality stands. True, she will rarely go out and seek to speak with people, but that is because she’s afraid of messing up her initiation of conversations or contacts. When one approaches her first, and if they’re willing to stick with her, she can easily open up and reveal a very carefree and happy side of hers that is already observable from time to time, even to outsiders. She is a natural ditz, and more than being afraid of beginning conversations, Elethia will often day-dream, link together the most random of points and coment about them… or miss the points others try to convey to her. A day-dreaming imouto.

A lot of people will often say that Elethia’s just ‘stupid’, but she can show proof of intelligence when needed, it’s just that she’s yet to fully grasp the proper way on how to interact with humans. Also, it could very well be that Elethia’s fixation on the concepts of “Joy”, “Life” and “Kindness” play a big part in her social awkwardness, since she’s obsessed with making everyone happy, or at least, get along with as many people as she can. She might not understand it herself, but that striving might come from rejecting the reality present at her core: conceptlessness - the absolute absence of concepts.


Elethia can appear under three different forms due to her nature as a Valley of Mercury lifeform. This allows her to shapeshift to meet different the different needs of the situation: in her first ‘Normal’ form, she appears as what seems to be a human girl in her early teens, with a feeling of grace and fragility. Yet there’s something rather eerie about her in how her skin possesses an otherworldly glow, and also, how her hands are unable to stabilize in a human form, often covering themselves with alien crystals. If one lifts up the long dress that falls down to the floor too, one will understand that Elethia’s legs and lower body are not human, but rather, made of the same alien crystals that cover her hands from time to time. Elethia’s eyes also have a mysterious magenta glow while in the dark, further ascertaining the fact that she’s does not belong to the human kind.


Elethia’s Second form, which she refers to as her ‘Hunter Form’, is something that can vaguely be described as a ‘Dragon’ of myths, although even then, its look is unique to Elethia alone: under that form, her body is covered in alien crystals and they radiate a mixture of dark blue and light golden light. With a sleek aggressive figure, six limbs, two of them being arms, two others massive hind legs, and the last two gigantic wings, Elethia is a sight to behold. She reaches a mass of many tons when she’s under this form and measures over seventeen meters long.


Elethia’s Third form, referred to as the ‘Onslaught Form’, has no description other than being ‘a horrifying mass of crystals’. It turns her into an immobile, hulking mass of Alien Crystaline formations. It has something that can roughly be identified as a ‘head’ with five haunting eyes glowing inside, peering into the soul of others with a touch of… nothing. Absolutely nothing.


Elethia's abilities remain vastly unknown. It is supposed that as she shifts forms, her entire stats are shifted around, but even what the other forms are capable of, no one knows. Her Knight Arm has also never been seen. All in all, Elethia remains by this point of time, a mystery...


Has yet to make her debut in Fate/Regalia

Social Links : Crystallized Warmth[]

None achieved by this point of time.