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The faction where the homunculi made by the Von Einzbern family belong to. Unlike most of the regular homunculi, the Einzbern homunculi are of exceptional quality, and this shows. While most factions have no other goals in OLYMPUS than to achieve the "Grand Miracle" that the Atlasia promised, and acquire new Masters into their faction, the Einzbern Homunculi have another mission. They are sent to OLYMPUS to recover and destroy the secret of the Holy Grail, that has apparently been stolen from them at some point. The miracle of the Third is something they cannot allow to fall into the wrong hands. However, for reasons unknown, the homunculi sent to OLYMPUS eventually stop contacting the home castle and disappear completely from the main family's sight. In most cases, this is due to the freedom and feeling of individuality that the homunculi feel when they are accepted as the part of the community of OLYMPUS.


The dorm of the Einzbern Homunculi consists of three large block-type buildings, made of white stone, which are all identical. Two of the buildings are for female-students, while the remaining one is for males. The cobblestone streets that connect these buildings, and lead to the central plaza with a fountain, create an atmosphere of an old, Germanic town. Inside, the buildings resememble old mansions with their furniture and style. The dorm head has her office in the top floor of the second building meant for females. The top floor also acts as the personal quarters of the dorm head.

Current Members[]

This is a list of the currently known members of Einzbern Homunculi faction.