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Duel Chart is the unofficial "power rankings" that the Masters of the OLYMPUS keep. Its main purpose is to determine the "power" a Master holds in OLYMPUS, and the standing in the chart is affected by the amount of influence in the academy city, actual power as an individual, the Servant's base power and the amount of victories over other Masters. Of course, Duel-Battles earn more "reputation" and thus, increase the rank more than simple Impulse-Battle victories.

Current Standings[]

#1: ???[]

Info: Unknown.

  • No information exists in any form. It is said that only chosen few can challenged the current Number 1, who is unrivaled in power. Apparently, current Number 1 received the rank from the former champion, who happened to be the first Master of OLYMPUS. There is no return from this challenge.

#2: Mori Kaoru & Saver[]

Master Info: Mori Kaoru, “Petal Flurry Liner” (Half-Blood)

  • Dorm head of the Half-Blood faction, and their most powerful member in OLYMPUS. Person of unknown gender, whose powers are second to none. Can kill Servants on his/her own, and amongst the currently active Masters, without a doubt, the most powerful. Owns a Noble Phantasm of his/her own that is a family heirloom passed down to him/her, as he/she is of regal lineage, or so it is rumored. Forms a perfect pair with Saver during battle, and he/she is said to be absolutely merciless whenever challenged for his/her position as the Number 2.

Servant Info: Saver

  • Pure Servant. One who is not here to achieve a miracle, but rather, to protect it. Current battle power unknown as no one has challenged him in a long time, yet those who remember his and Kaoru’s rise to this rank remember fights that were nothing like they had ever seen before. Possesses a sword-type Noble Phantasm that is said to rival the most holy sword in existence. Leaves none of his enemies alive.

#3: Roselia McKlennington & Trickster[]

Master Info: Roselia McKlennington, “Ever-red Silky Rose” (Clock Tower)

  • Dorm head of the Clock Tower, and their most powerful member in OLYMPUS. Said to be the most powerful magus in the OLYMPUS, her power coming close to Sorcery. The oldest Master around, being amongst the first one to arrive in the OLYMPUS, and holds the most Duel-Battle victories under her belt, the amount being 88. Defeats her enemies through pure magecraft, and has no need for conceptual weaponry. To defeat her is a short of miracle, or so it is said.

Servant Info: Trickster

  • Servant whose powers seem to be out of this world. There are not many who can describe what happened to them after becoming victims of Trickster’s powers, but it seems he has a pseudo-ability to reshape the very reality, or something similar. Despite his class, extremely powerful enemy who should be approached with care. Despite his overwhelming amount of victories, not a single person can remember any of his battles. A true mystery amongst Servants.

#4: Illerina von Einzbern & Warder[]

Master Info: Illerina von Einzbern, “Steel Colossus Lily” (Einzbern Homunculi)

  • Dorm head of the Einzbern Homunculi, and their most powerful member in OLYMPUS. Arguably one of the most powerful homunculi in existence. Pure-battle-type created to wage full-scale war while being against a small-sized army. Has almost no social functions, but makes it up by having body that is harder than tungsten steel and weighs few tons. Has both slain Servants single-handedly and was responsible for the fall of the Poseidon Ward. Extremely dangerous when in battle-mode, and the chance of collateral damage is high.

Servant Info: Warder

  • Self-proclaimed “Strongest Servant in OLYMPUS”. A Warder class Servant who definitely lives up to his claims, by being a man who can seemingly defeat any enemy and does not fear even monsters like Jacques De Florence’s Berserker. A man who lives for war, and even though he still loses to the three people above him, does not stop trying. Pretty much the very embodiment of what Heroic Spirit should truly be, and knows it himself. The only three that have defeated him ever are the ones standing above him in the Duel-Chart.

#5: Meretseger & Reaver[]

Master Info: Meretseger, "Ventus Hermetis" (Trismegistus Circle)

  • A woman of unknown heritage with unknown goals. She is seen only as the harbinger of the powers of her faction. Meretseger is the newly-appointed dorm head of the Trismegistus Circle, and does not shy away from the influence her new position grants her. She keeps a close eye on the activities of the students of her faction, not allowing anyone to antagonize or attack other students without a reason. To the members of her faction, she is the angel of death that keeps them from running wild, and the holder of all the knowledge of their organization.

Servant Info: Reaver

  • A young girl who seems as harmless as they come. However, in her hands is the most fearsome power. Servants far more powerful than her cower in fear before her and her Noble Phantasm. You could say that she is the girl who decided to become the destruction of what is around her in order to achieve her own purpose. She does not blame anyone, not even herself. After all, she does see it as a neccessity that she hurts people and makes them suffer. And deep in her heart... she might even enjoy it.

#6: Jacques de Florence & Berserker[]

Master Info: Jacques de Florence, “Knightmare of Tuscany” (Dead Apostles)

  • Dorm head of the Dead Apostles, and their most powerful member in OLYMPUS. Number 12 Dead Apostle Ancestor who took over after the last one to fill that spot was destroyed by Church. A calm and collected man, whose powers are something that has ended many lives. The White Knight of Dead Apostle Ancestors has a infamously bad affinity with him, though on the other hand, obeys every command of the Lord of Blood and Contract. Is known for his connections with ARES.

Servant Info: Berserker

  • One of the most powerful Servants in OLYMPUS. Said to own destructive power that is out of this world, and only Jacques de Florence’s massive prana reserves are able to keep him in action. Whoever gets in Berserker’s way is almost bound to be destroyed. No Noble Phantasms have been detected as of yet, though there could be at least one passive one that has not been noticed yet. But even without a one, Berserker is a mighty opponent.

#7: Fujou Suzuka & Saber[]

Master Info: Fujou Suzuka, “Blind Blessing” (Fujou Clan)

  • Dorm head of the Fujou clan, and their most powerful member in OLYMPUS. Without a doubt, the most powerful ESP-user in OLYMPUS. Said to see the whole city with her blind eyes, and that is surely no exaggeration. It is even rumored that she is one of the most powerful ESP-users in the whole of Japan. Whether or not that is true, it is enough to tell the tale of her grand power that leaves nothing but defeated enemies in its wake. She has even defeated Servants with it.

Servant Info: Saber

  • Beautiful knight who knows no fear, and is the very embodiment of courage. He fights while holding his sword with one hand, and yet has defeated all the enemies he has faced so far. Utterly loyal to his Master, Saber is ready to die for Fujou Suzuka without even needing to think it. The bond between these two has grown to such levels that it outrivals almost every other Master and Servant pair. In other words, this Saber is a true knight who fights for his queen, no matter what the obstacle.

#8: Telesa & Servant Ravager[]

Master Info: Telesa, "Fairy of the Past" (Remnants of Timaeus)

  • The newly-appointed dorm head of the Remnants of Timaeus. A homunculus that is young yet powerful beyond belief. She seems to have been built as an anti-Servant creation, made to combat the Servants themselves directly instead of having to trust only the help of her Servant. Still, this does not mean that she is a brute. Having quickly made her debut in the fashion world of OLYMPUS, she is now the star of the Selene Dome.

Servant Info: Ravager

  • A young female Servant dressed like a Princess. Instead of as a Master, she seems to Telesa as her sister, and refers to her as such. though average in power, she has a brilliant strategic mind, far beyond what could be believed of her. Not only that, but she is utterly merciless when it comes to combat. Time will tell just how big of an impact she will leave in the Duel Chart. Also, for some reason, she keeps telling people that she will get her papa to go after them in the case they insult her.

#9: Avarice & Kaiser[]

Master Info: Avarice, “Eye of the Storm” (Middle-East)

  • Dorm head of the Middle-Eastern Order, and their most powerful member in OLYMPUS. The silent dorm head who sits in the ranks of the single digits. It seems that even the members of his own dorm see him only occasionally, and he has the habit of remaining completely unseen even from Servants. A complete mystery, and his battle techniques and stats are unknown. His true face has never been seen, and to continue with his mystery, even his name is not believed to truly be “Avarice”. Extremely dangerous opponent.

Servant Info: Kaiser

  • The ultimate Kaiser-class Servant. There are said to be few who can rival him in power, and when it comes to down to it, this Kaiser proves himself, time and time again, to be near undefeatable. Said to possess one EX ranked Noble Phantasm that is almost impossible to defeat, Kaiser is considered, with his Master, the “Final Rashoumon”. In other words, ultimate test for those who wish to climb to the very top spots in the Duel-Chart.

#10: Ovda Regio & Maker[]

Master Info: Ovda Regio, "Crystallized Utopia" (Valley of Mercury)

  • A female life-form belonging to the Valley of Mercury, and acting as their newly-appointed dorm head. She gained this position because of how well she understood humanity. However, while she might have the most knowledge, she is also the most alienated from the concept of humanity, and thus the only one who she seems to get along with is the dorm head of the Einzbern faction. Still, her knowledge, understanding, and the sheer physical destruction she rains upon the battlefield make her the ultimate member of the faction.

Servant Info: Maker

  • A female Servant who prides herself in her thinking ability. She seems to be in the belief that the world is organized by her thoughts alone, and it was actually her ideas that gave shape to the primordial chaos that must have existed before then. She might not be the most physically destructive Servant, but with a Master like hers, she does not need to be. Instead, she focuses on strategies and solutions, bringing forth victory after victory while her Master battles the Servants of the other Masters.

#11: Venten Gullivan & Lancer[]

Master Info: Venten Gullivan, “Saint Deodatus Remix” (Chivalric Orders)

  • Dorm head of the Chivalric Orders, and their most powerful member in OLYMPUS. A saint of the purest kind, yet lacks many saint-like qualities. An odd miracle, as the Church calls him. The hot-headed leader of Chivalric Orders who is a paladin like non-other in OLYMPUS. His extremely dangerous, holy-attuned attacks are something that no normal vampire can challenge without burning to ashes in his blazing presence.

Servant Info: Lancer

  • A man loyal to his Master and headstrong to the fault, he is clearly one of the most powerful Lancers in OLYMPUS, though whether not he would prevail over Kischur Zelerita Schweiberg’s Lancer is question that remains unanswered. Uses a lance that is unusual in its design, there are few rumors about his true identity, yet none have been confirmed. Works in perfect harmony with Venten, and they have one of the greatest synchro-ratios in OLYMPUS.

#12: Leonardo Van Tramelin & Caster[]

Master Info: Leonardo Van Tramelin, "Shining Bright Flame" (Order of the Templars)

  • The newly-appointed dorm head of the Order of the Templars. A pleasant-seeming young man that takes all matters of faith very seriously. However, his calm disposition stays only as long as those who converse with him do it under his rules. If the rules of his God are broken, he will fly into uncontrollable zealous rage, which can only be stopped by other dorm heads. The power of his faith is astounding, putting him in direct opposition of Venten.

Servant Info: Caster

  • An enigmatic man that wavers all the time between a saint and a devil. Clad in golden robes, he seems to delight in making a fool out of his Master. Their relationship is the worst kind, and neither holds any love towards each other. Yet, in their own twisted sense, this means they are the best possible partners for each other. Paired together, they are sure to rise in the Duel Chart as time passes on. If only Caster would take his matches seriously, and not think of them as a way to pass time.

#13: Li Hong & Marauder[]

Master Info: Li Hong, “Red Spear of the Plains” (China Order)

  • Dorm head of the China Order, and their most powerful member in OLYMPUS. The strongest pure-bred human in the OLYMPUS thanks to her martial arts that are on the level that most people would never achieve. However, her lazy nature when it comes to everything else makes her stuck on the rank of 13th, and thus, she does not bother those above her. Getting her blood boiling is one thing most want to avoid, as when she gets serious, odds usually turn to her favor.

Servant Info: Marauder

  • The strongest Marauder in whole OLYMPUS. A man whose tactics, strategies and pure brute force that takes him to victory are unmatched. Despite his build and appearance, surprisingly civilized, yet completely merciless when it comes to fighting. The only person he seem to be unable to make to do what he wants is his Master, and her laziness is the only reason why he is not challenging the others above him in the Duel-Chart.

#14: Asakami Kazuya & Defender[]

Master Info: Asakami Kazuya, “Electric Cloud Prince” (Asakami clan)

  • Dorm head of Asakami clan, and their most powerful member in OLYMPUS. Famous for the band he has started, and thus there is lot of knowledge floating about him. However, it is not known what information can be trusted, and what not, so the simple noise around him and his abilities is enough to make calculating his true abilities and power a futile task. Still, seems that he is known to use, at least, electrokinesis.

Servant Info: Defender

  • A young woman with a large shield, and according to herself, the “true” Defender type. Her powers, despite her frame, are formidable, and she has managed to help her Master climb to this spot in the official Duel-Chart. Although her attack-power is not the greatest, she sports the ultimate defense Noble Phantasm that has never been broken. Prefers to leave her opponents alive, but will not hesitate to kill if something threatens her Master.

#15: Rani VI & Dreamer[]

Master Info: Rani VI, "Serial Phantasm Decoder" (Angelica Cage)

  • A homunculus that has taken the form of a young Indian girl with purple hair. She is the newly-appointed dorm head of the Angelica Cage faction. Her ability in Codecasting is on a whole other level when compared to her peers, and it could be said that she is only a step away from realizing the dream of her faction. Whatever she desires can be brought into reality without the usage of her own prana. Has a strange obsession with curry.

Servant Info: Dreamer

  • A young girl who nobody would guess to be a Servant. Even so, she seems to hold her position this high easily, and even threatens those who are above her. Not known for her offensive power, but as a Servant who "cannot be destoryed." One of the most famous Dreamer-class Servants ever, and definitely shows that. Refers to her Master as "Onee-san" and does everything in her power to make Rani VI feel comfortable. This troubles her Master greatly.

#16: Vipassi & Crusader[]

Master Info: Vipassi, "The True Nirvana" (Enlightened Road)

  • The newly-appointed dorm head of the Enlightened Road. Though he is only a first year student, he is still one of a kind. The Spiritual Presence he has is unheard of in the modern world, and many hail him as the hero of the current generation. He himself stays very modest about this, dedicating his life to the good of his brethren and to upholding the Buddhist vows he has taken. Although a pacifist, will defend himself with technique that leaves all of his opponents shattered before him.

Servant Info: Crusader

  • A man who goes against the traditional image of the Crusader class Servants. He seems to be from a different religion than the usually affected one, and carries no true weapons. His way of attacking is with his fists, ones that will leave other Servants defeated on the floor. Both his demeanor and his faith are rock solid, and he is a good example of just what the Crusader class can achieve, when they are not bound by common archetypes. Still, he could use some lessons in etiquette and tact.

#17: Kischur Zelerita Schweiberg & Lancer[]

Master Info: Kischur Zelerita Schweiberg, “Refracting Gemstone” (Clock Tower)

  • A young woman who simply appeared one day to OLYMPUS, summoned a Servant, and demanded to be added to the Duel-Chart. To the surprise of most, she immediately moved to the rank of 11, and has been there ever since, satisfied. Her battle-abilities are unknown as she has not been seen in battle. Many rumors are floating around about her, but none of them has been showed to be true. Thus, a void of information. She has since been moved down to 17th place by the arrival of the new students.

Servant Info: Lancer

  • Red-haired woman who excels in both melee and spells. The type of enemy you cannot catch unsuspecting or from a angle she does not expect. Seems to know everything there is to know about fighting, and thus, extremely dangerous opponent. Though she has not been any official matches, she has destroyed few foolish Servants that have picked a fight with her over the time she has stayed in the OLYMPUS with her Master.

#18: Asla Justicar & Chanter[]

Master Info: Asla Justicar, “Knight of Valor” (Chivalric Orders)

  • Current Prince-Commander of Vatican’s Knight Division, and one of the most powerful members of Chivalric Orders. He owns a Noble Phantasm of his own, and as far as his threat level goes, he is considered amongst the dorm heads. However, his large influence over the hearts of people around him is what elevates him to this position, and when fighting against him, it is to be expected that he has huge moral support from a vast crowd.

Servant Info: Chanter

  • An old man who says that he is the truest Chanter-type Servant in whole OLYMPUS. There seems to be nothing that his music cannot affect, and many consider him to be truly the ultimate one of his kind. Calm and collected, he has battle-experience that makes many other Servants pale in comparison, and uses this as his advantage whenever fighting. Tread with care when challenging him.

#19: Fan Wu-jiu & Trickster[]

Master Info: Fan Wu-jiu, "The Judgement" (The House)

  • The mute dorm head of the newly-formed House faction. He cannot speak as he was never taught how to, but what he does he performs with peerless tehcnique. From the start, he was trained as the leader of his faction, and that shall be his only mission till the end of the Grail War. His fighting style has earned him the nickname of "Black Mamba," and it is said that there are no people who have survived their first fight with him. A young man with dark eyes and a dark soul.

Servant Info: Trickster

  • Strange orange-haired teen with a wide grin and an ability to fool those more powerful than him. It is quite the enigma how someone of his caliber was able to climb so high in the Duel chart, but a certain other Trickster has said that this teen "Cheated till it all became real." Whatever the case, he continues to amaze the crowd time and time again, making the impossible possible, and defeating one great legend after another. He also showers his enemies with bad puns.

#20: Tessa Julmakäsi & Invoker[]

Master Info: Tessa Julmakäsi, “Crushing Winter Moon” (Sea of Estray)

  • Dorm head of the Sea of Estray Faction, and their most powerful member in OLYMPUS. She wields anti-spirit sword “Kuuteräs” and is generally regarded as the normal human that the Servants of OLYMPUS fear the most. Apparently, despite being the youngest dorm head, she actually exhibits such power that she has killed three Servants on her own, while her Invoker provided only back-up. A quick-to-anger individual that others should be vary of.

Servant Info: Invoker

  • A woman of indefinable age, and one who seems to be well-versed in a witchcraft type of magecraft. A ruler-type, and even in the battle, there are few who have even scratched her, not to talk about dealing actual wounds. Her power as an Invoker class Servant is said to be one of the best of her kind, though its full extent has not yet been seen. Deals with any and all attackers with spells that are enough to destroy armies.

#21: Liza Mezzalforte & Hunter[]

Master Info: Liza Mezzalforte, “Last Pure Scripture” (8th Sacrament)

  • Dorm head of the Assembly of 8th Sacrament, and their most powerful member in OLYMPUS. She is Number 4 of the Burial Agency, which is a reason on itself why many people are afraid of even challenging her. Said to own a anti-army type conceptual weapon, despite her young age, she is one of the strongest in the whole city.

Servant Info: Hunter

  • A colossal Servant taller than any other in whole OLYMPUS. He carries a gigantic bronze weapon that is dull, but swung with enough force to penetrate through hardest steel. He usually carries his Master around the OLYMPUS, and is a familiar sight in the 8th Sacrament Dorms. A man who, despite his monstrous size, is very loyal, though also prideful. Seems to think that his Master is the only thing important in this whole Holy Grail War.

#22: Ryougi Mana/MANA & Assassin[]

Master Info: Ryougi Mana/MANA, “Divided Moonlit Night” (Ryougi clan)

  • Dorm head of the Ryougi clan, and their most powerful member in OLYMPUS. Possesses Mystic Eyes that are heralded as the most powerful ones in the whole OLYMPUS city. And even without them, she is said to be on the level of her Servant when it comes to moving silently and striking quickly. A very dangerous individual, even when alone. And someone who is impossible to catch off-guard.

Servant Info: Assassin

  • One of the nineteen Hassan-i-Sabbahs. A female version, and one who seems to be one of the best. Countless Servants have fallen because of her Noble Phantasm, and out of all the Servants in the Duel-Chart, she has the highest kill-count. Even so, she does not kill indiscriminately, and is in fact one of the calmest Servants around. It is rumored that she bears a great resemblance to her Master’s mother.

#23: Souja Mikado & Archer[]

Master Info: Souja Mikado, “Emperor Rule” (Taima)

  • Dorm head of the Taima faction, and their most powerful member in OLYMPUS. Said to be an owner of rumored “God Circuits”, specialized Magic Circuits that bring his magecraft to a totally new level. Rules the Disciplinary Committee with an iron hand, and has connections to the ARES itself. The kind of person nobody wants to make an enemy, and someone who does not forget those who have wronged against him.

Servant Info: Archer

  • A man with a sarcastic and gritty demeanor, but who fights with honor. Possibly one of the strongest Archers in existence, he is truly the master of a bow. However, his disagreements with his Master keep them from rising above the 23rd rank, and they form a very mis-matched pair that cannot execute their strategies without a problem or two.

#24: Hael-ul Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri & Enchanter[]

Master Info: Hael-ul Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri, “Buried Ancient Sage” (Atlas)

  • Dorm head of the Atlas faction, and their most powerful member in OLYMPUS. Armed with a unique conceptual weapon that is said to be able to kill a weak Servant. However, to the relief of the others in the list, he has no interest in actually moving from his position, being an extremely withdrawn individual. Only during the times he is challenged does he actually come out of the dorm and fight, and during those times, it is proven why he is called “Third Rashoumon” by others.

Servant Info: Enchanter

  • A male servant clad in white veil and wearing a mask not unlike a mirror shaped like a face. Perhaps one of the most mysterious Servants of the OLYMPUS, this Enchanter is said to be the most powerful of his kind. Only those who have supernatural means to withstand even the harshest of charms should attempt to challenge him, or perish while being unable to hurt this enigmatic, beautiful Servant.

#25: Tetsuyama Rin & Artificer[]

Master Info: Tetsuyama Rin, “Hammer of Steel” (????)

  • The young woman and master smith responsible of the management of Hephaestus District. It is said that the abilities when it comes to forging weapons are unrivaled, and that the only things out of her reach are the artifacts only the best Artificer class Servants are capable of doing. Although powerful and respected, she rarely fights.

Servant Info: Artificer

  • A strong-willed man whose skills as Artificer seem to be second to none. One of the leading figures of Hephaestus District, and said to be one responsible of the most amazing works ever made there. In battle he employs clever tactics that take advantage of the wide array of weaponry and equipment he has made to himself. Throughout knowledge of his patterns and skills would be necessary in order to beat him.

#26: Kagura & Reaver[]

Master Info: Kagura, “Chained Bloodletter” (Half-Blood)

  • Girl whose demonic powers are so strong she has to be chained to a portable shrine all the time. This shrine is something that should be never removed, even during the course of battle. Usually does not respond emotionally to anything, but in rare cases of the chains failing, has been seen to exhibit explosive rage and viciousness unlike any other. If challenged, it is best to defeat her before she is freed from her shrine.

Servant Info: Reaver

  • Woman whose cruelty knows no bounds. A demon, both according to her own words and through her actions. She is referred as the ultimate Reaver class Servant, one whose powers rival those of dorm heads themselves. Although she does not kill in battle, it is by no means a relief. In fact, most of those who have lost to her would have preferred to die. She tends to mutilate her enemies so that they can never fight again, and calls this her “hobby”. Expect no mercy when facing her.

#27: Kujaku Senhime & Kaiser[]

Master Info: Kujaku Senhime, "The Peacock Princess" (????)

  • Mysterious young woman who manages the Nike Casino in the Demeter Market. A woman whose influence in OLYMPUS cannot be underestimated. She is in command of the elite battle-force, NEMESIS, and usually lets them handle her dirty work. She has not seen in fights for a long, long time, and for her to accept a duel, the opponent must be something extraordinary.

Servant Info: Kaiser

  • Kaiser that is said to be one of the most powerful ones. Apparently, the only one who can defeat him in the "obsession over luxury" is his Master, Kujaku Senhime. Makes a perfect team with his Master, and although not interested in fights, he is one of the most powerful Servants around. Or perhaps it should be said, he is one of the most dangerous, if forced to a fight?

#28: Iryaviel von Einzbern & Saber[]

Master Info: Iryaviel von Einzbern, “Original Phase” (Einzbern)

  • The famous homunculus model who is rumored to be a perfect copy of the original Holy Maiden of the Winter. Exhibits power that is far above any other homunculi, except for her senior, Illerina von Einzbern. A proud and cold individual who does not hesitate to sacrifice others to achieve victory for herself. Her Master-aptitude is enough to put her on the same level as the dorm heads. Secretary of the Disciplinary committee.

Servant Info: Saber

  • A servant who truly is an epitome of the Saber class. Although she is rowdy and tomboyish in her mannerisms, follows the code of chivalry with utmost loyalty, and to her, honor is the most important thing. Even though she may be naïve and easily tricked, her simple power and skills are enough to cancel all kinds of disadvantages such a mindset could bring. Possesses a Noble Phantasm famed in its power.

#29: Touzaki Yuki & Ravager[]

Master Info: Touzaki Yuki, “True Blade Moon” (Half-Bloods)

  • Current heiress of the Touzaki clan, and apparently, one of the strongest Half-Bloods in whole Japan. Her Demonic Power is vast and thick, and thus she is usually called “Isolation Queen”. It is unknown just what kind of powers she has, but according to rumors, she has been branded as a heretical daughter even in the Touzaki family. The proof of the evolution of the demons themselves, and their blood.

Servant Info: Ravager

  • Clearly a Servant of Japanese origin, Ravager is proud of his heritage. Cunning and wise, he is experienced in all forms of combat, and does not show fear even before Servants that might prove to be mightier than him. Even so, he has defended his and his Master’s place as the 29th for a long time, and thus, his power is something that can never be underestimated.

#30: Maxwellia Arothron & Betrayer[]

Master Info: Maxwellia Arothron, "Insane in Membrane" (Sea of Estray)

  • The leader of the Research Division stationed in Demeter Market, there are many dark rumors about Maxwellia Arothron. Although he acts as one of the "Four Devas" of OLYMPUS, he is generally most feared of the four, and loses in mysteriousness only to Master of Jurakudai Villa. Maxwellia does not actively participate in battles of Duel Chart, but will be more than happy to have another "experiment" where he pits his Servant against opponent's.

Servant Info: Betrayer

  • A woman whose dark allure has been the end of many enemies and "allies". She has been known to use whatever means needed to secure her victory, and along with her Master, she has total control of the Research Division. She enjoys playing with people, and is known to conduct cruel experiments with people who trust each other, and eventually force them to fight against each other.

#31: Sahamemar Desten & Rider[]

Master Info: Sahamemar Desten, “Voice of the People” (Middle-East)

  • Sahamemar Desten is the famous creator of Iris newspaper. He is thought to be the only person in the whole OLYMPUS to not be truly on anyone’s side, and yet he cannot be trusted as a neutral person. After all, he always has his own agenda, keeping it hidden from everyone else. Sahamemar Desten is a powerful magus, but usually lets his Servant do the battling. After all, Rider’s power is usually more than enough for it.

Servant Info: Rider

  • A man as powerful tactician as Sahamemar Desten himself. He is credited as one of the most accomplished tacticians in whole OLYMPUS city, and has defeated many Servants with his wit, rather than his sword. Using the information gathered by his Master, Rider plans confrontations and Duels with the enemies, and when they will happen. Is one of the hardest Servants to get to agree to an Impulse Battle.

#32: Fujimura Toramaru & Kaiser[]

Master Info: Fujimura Toramaru, “The Great and Noble Tiger” (Taima)

  • A powerful Master and the current president of the Hunting Club, Fujimura Toramaru is one of the rare individuals where his spot in the Duel Chart would be higher if his personality wasn’t enough to reduce his sphere of influence. Though he has the strength to back his words, he has hard time gaining any fame, and thus as a Master his influence is rather small. Still, one should take care when challenging him, or be ripped apart by his ferocious power.

Servant Info: Kaiser

  • A monster. This Kaiser is known as someone who has gotten even the higher ranked members of the Duel Chart worried. His extraordinary power is combined with a beast-like mindset, and thus he hunts those above him with predatory joy in his eyes. It is not an exaggeration to say that he will eventually rise to the great heights of the Duel Chart… if only he can keep dragging his Master along with him.

#33: Ouji Misaya & Chanter[]

Master Info: Ouji Misaya, “The Dreamcatcher” (Taima)

  • The current heiress of the Ouji family, she has vast magical powers, and a person who is called the crown jewel of the Taima faction. A powerful opponent who rules the Student Council with an iron fist. However, she is also extremely fair, and is one of the most used choices as the middle-man for Duel Battles.

Servant Info: Chanter

  • A young and handsome man who exhibits knowledge that rivals the contents of the Apollo Libraries. He seems to be always aware when there is a new arrival to the OLYMPUS, and there are not many secrets you can hide from him. A dangerous opponent because, in most cases, when you fight against him, he will know all your secrets.

#34: Cecilia Geflect & Crusader[]

Master Info: Cecilia Geflect, “God Rail Mind” (Chivalric Orders)

  • The one dubbed as the “fastest thinker” in Chivalric Orders dormitory, she is a person of multiple talents, acting as both treasurer of the student council and as Club President of the Chess Club. According to rumors, there is no mystery she cannot crack, and she was taught by a former Number 8 of the Burial Agency herself. Battle-abilities unknown, thanks to precautions she takes before battles.

Servant Info: Crusader

  • A hulking figure of a Servant that carries around a huge axe-sword made out of bone. He sports such attributes that many enemies fall before him only because they cannot inflict significant damage. In addition to this, he seems to be directly blessed by some sort of divine power, and thus becomes a major threat to anyone who tries to continue climbing up, towards the top.

#35: Braus Helenius & Caster[]

Master Info: Braus Helenius, “Everlasting Fragments” (Dead Apostles)

  • A magus who became a Dead Apostle through his own magecraft study. Can be barely called vampire, as he is more like a living crystal that needs human blood to keep himself working. His motives are unknown, and the reason for his actions can only be guessed. However, he is a powerful individual, and will stop at nothing to destroy his enemy once somebody has been identified as one.

Servant Info: Caster

  • A man who talks little and lets even less out concerning his identity. He is always clad in a dark cloak that covers most of his body, but under it there is a heavy set of armor which protects him. His skill in magecraft is top quality, but the abilities and spells he uses can be considered nothing but heretical. Fights and kills without emotions, and is thus considered impervious to tactics that try to shake one’s emotions.

#36: Simone El-Melloi & Gunner[]

Master Info: Simone El-Melloi, “Blue Glint” (Clock Tower)

  • A young girl who is part of the famous El-Melloi family. She is the captain of the Track & Field Club, and very enthusiastic to prove her worth as a El-Melloi. Despite her young age she has enough guts to impress anyone, and thanks to the training proved by her famous relative, she has been able to rise all the way through the ranks to this position. Still, she aims even higher, and thus it is usually not considered wise to step between her and her objective.

Servant Info: Gunner

  • Perhaps the most unorthodox Gunner in the war. Can be barely called the representative of his class, yet he exhibits power which is almost unrivaled amongst his kind. A man who can never seem to take anything seriously, and tends to make fools out of his opponents, rather than seriously fight them. Only order from his Master may make him finally act serious.

#37: Tsukino Ryu & Hunter[]

Master Info: Tsukino Ryu, “The Blue Dragon Sword” (Taima)

  • The famous Club President of Kendo Club. Is in possession of a powerful conceptual weapon that is apparently heirloom of the Tsukino family, passed down from heir to another. He is a man who is sure of his decision, and never regrets anything, which makes tricking him a trivial thing in battle. Being one who looks only forward, once he sees you as an enemy, he will stop at nothing to bring you down.

Servant Info: Hunter

  • A Servant very similar to his Master. There is no challenge too big for him, and there seems to be nothing he can’t do. Apparently, his main Noble Phantasm is not a weapon at all, but actually a skill that has become conceptual in its nature, and thus, a trump card of its own. It is unknown whether or not he is in possession of other Noble Phantasms, as he has apparently used only the one mentioned.

#38: Sofia Stockholm & Reaver[]

Master Info: Sofia Stockholm, “Unrelenting Fist of God” (8th Sacrament)

  • A woman that fashions herself after knights, and acts according to code of chivalry. Even so, and even if this is exploited, she is an enemy to be feared. Armed with a conceptual weapon that has taken lives of many Dead Apostles, she is only person not in Top 15 that the dorm head of Dead Apostles respects, and does not want to fight against. A true maiden who thinks that sins can be atoned for, if only by death. Club-President of Music Club.

Servant Info: Reaver

  • A Servant who seems nothing more than a young, frail boy. Although he is often underestimated because of this, he still continued to aid his Master in battle, and thus, remains victorious. According to Sofia Stockholm, her Servant is the “Reaver who embodies the purpose of his Class the most”. Reaver, on the other hand, seems so fickle he could betray his Master at any given moment.

#39: Ryougi Rui/RUI & Betrayer[]

Master Info: Ryougi Rui/RUI, “Empty Heartbeat” (Ryougi clan)

  • A young Master from Ryougi clan, who seems to be permanently stuck on his battle-dominant male-personality. Sadistic and cruel, he seems to take joy in inflicting pain in his enemies. When in battle, he does not necessary even seek to win, but just to make his opponent suffer as much as possible. A person who should be steered clear of, unless very well prepared.

Servant Info: Betrayer

  • A man who calls himself "True Betrayer", and thinks the others of his kind are barely acceptable for the class. He regrets nothing, and stops at nothing to destroy his enemies. Only the fact that his Master if Ryougi Rui does actually keep him in leash, as it seems that Betrayer is actually afraid of his own Master. Still, many are the Servants he has defeated.

#40: Hou Bao & Caster[]

Master Info: Hou Bao, “New Order of Life” (China Order)

  • A young man and a scholar, who takes an active part in the work of the scientists of OLYMPUS. His battle-tactics and strategies are all based on his theories, and thus they can feel extremely strange. Even so, his way of fighting has given good results, making him a dangerous opponent that continues to rise in the ranks of the Duel-Chart. Club-president of the Photography Club.

Servant Info: Caster

  • A Servant so beautiful she could have easily accessed Enchanter Class. Sports magical power so vast it marks her as one of the most dangerous Casters around. Like her Master, she has great ability coming up with strategies and plots which to undermine her opponent, and thus one should be careful when accepting her challenge to a Duel Battle. Chances are, she already has something planned.

#41: Ulysses & Invoker[]

Master Info: Ulysses, “Activated Imaginary Existence” (Angelica Cage)

  • An artificial intelligence with a biological interface, Ulysses is a one-of-a-kind member of his faction. Capable of calculations and formation of strategies at an unheard rate, he is a dangerous enemy for anyone, no matter how prepared they are. Still, he knows little about what it truly means to live a life, and thus unorthodox tactics and sheer stupidity of humanity may be his downfall.

Servant Info: Invoker

  • A raven-haired woman who knows no mercy, this Queen of Darkness has personally promised that she will give a purpose to anyone who will be killed by her. Whatever this enigmatic promise means, it has so far been enough to keep away the curious ones, as she has yet to fight in an official Dual Battle. Still, the danger she poses is undeniable, and her vast magical prowess is not to be trifled with.

#42: Fujou Erika & Berserker[]

Master Info: Fujou Erika, “Eye that Sees” (Fujou clan)

  • A famous reporter of the Iris Newspaper, and the Fujou clan member that is most prominent in different things. Her battle-abilities are above average, but what makes her truly fearsome is the ability to find the enemy’s weakness, and exploit it mercilessly. All kinds of illusions and lies are said to be meaningless before her, and the speed which she appears to the sites of strange incidents to do her job as a reporter makes her seem almost like she was foreseeing the future.

Servant Info: Berserker

  • Servant who has yet to be heard to have said a single word. He is, apparently, all-around-good Servant who has no weaknesses, yet is not specialized in any way. Even though both Fujou Erika and he climbed from the bottom to this spot, this Berserker has yet to exhibit any kind of Noble Phantasm. However, that has not been necessary, as Berserker’s basic stats are so high, he is a tough opponent to anybody.

#43: Nu Vi & Defender[]

Master Info: Nu Vi, “Silent Whispering Gale” (Middle-East)

  • A former magus-warrior from Samarkand, Nu Vi is a mysterious Master of whom much information cannot be found. There are bunch of varying rumors about him, but none of them have been shown to be true. For reasons unknown, his former opponents keep their mouths shut about what kind of skills and abilities he used in the battle. Another enigma on the list, and club president of the Mystery Research Club.

Servant Info: Defender

  • Servant who is, without a doubt, one of the strongest Defenders in OLYMPUS. Time and time again he has proved to be worthy of his Class by protecting his Master and overcoming impossible odds. Apparently, he is the only Servant who has been able to take on Pop Kim’s Rider’s Noble Phantasm head-on, and survive. In other words, he is certainly an enemy nobody wants to take unprepared. Due to him having no desire in actual glory, he still lingers on the worse side of 30 in Duel-Chart.

#44: Titus Nebra & Warder[]

Master Info: Titus Nebra, “Blade That Protects” (Remnants of Timaeus)

  • Young homunculus tasked with the job of protecting his brethren, who went on to acquire a Servant to better excel at his duty. He is known as an odd bird in the Duel Chart, having no actual intention of ever advancing from his acquired position. He is a master of using his sentient sword, and will not hesitate to cut down anyone threatening his kin.

Servant Info: Warder

  • A quiet man with an aura only possessed by greatest of heroes. He seems to be more independent than his Master, but will loyally answer to his orders whenever he hears them. During the few battles he has experienced since his arrival, he has yet to be wounded even once; this has raised the suspicion that his Noble Phantasm may indeed be some sort of invincibility. Whether or not this is the truth remains to be seen.

#45: Cerise Sangyeux & Betrayer[]

Master Info: Cerise Sangyeux, “Virgin Blood” (Order of the Templars)

  • A young woman only 12 years old. She is currently attending the Hebe Middle School. She is also known as the “Giggling Death” due to the fact the act of battle and killing her enemies seems to bring this girl undeniable joy. With an innocent smile, she will slaughter anyone who gets in her way, even breaking into a joyous dance as the blood of her opponents rains down upon her. She apparently has mastered the art of fighting multiple opponents at once.

Servant Info: Betrayer

  • A woman bound to a colossal wheel which she carries with herself to the battle. A cruel yet pitiable figure, a lonely girl unable to stop her acts of brutality. She is deeply loyal to her Master, viewing her innocence in the face of her gruesome acts as a shadow of her past life. While not the most powerful, her tactics have given her advantage she has fought in so far. Currently considered one of the “fast-risers” of the Duel Chart, though only time will tell the truth.

#46: Seo Sisters & Invoker[]

Master Info: Seo Akira and Seo Shizune, “Eyes of Tomorrow” (Asakami)

  • A pair of sisters who managed to somehow summon a joint-Servant: Servant that acts under both of them, and is thus slightly boosted in its abilities while taking a form of two Servants. They both possess powerful Mystic Eyes, and together with their Servants, they form a very powerful pair against any opponent. The heads of the Library Committee. Currently Seo Shizune seems to be unable to accept challenges. Further information pending.

Servant Info: Invoker

  • A dual existence of two fairy-like creatures, which are so small they can easily travel on the shoulders of their Masters. Although their size is small, they are still very dangerous, and employ powerful dual-attacks and combos. While the green one apparently portrays the violent side of the Servant Seo Sisters summoned, the yellow one portrays the gentle side. It has been recorded that these two are capable of summoning a Phantasmal Beast.

#47: Mikhael Clent & Ravager[]

Master Info: Mikhael Clent, “Sword of Hunt” (Dead Apostles)

  • Man who is complete opposite of what Exorcists are in the Church. He has actually been trained as a hunter of saints and high-ranked figures of the Holy Church, and thus is extremely dangerous against the said kind of opponents. He is often likened to a mirror image of an actual Dead Apostle, and does not deny these claims himself.

Servant Info: Ravager

  • A large man towering above many others, Ravager is someone who views his victories with great pride. Thus, if given a reason, he will outright challenge others to a Duel. However, showing cleverness deep within his almost barbaric exterior, he never goes for an Impulse Battle, favoring Duel Battles by far. In addition, his tactics with his Noble Phantasms are second-to-none, earning him many victories.

#48: Umiou Chihaya & Marauder[]

Master Info: Umiou Chihaya, “Silent Flash Flood” (Taima)

  • Umiou Chihaya is the captain of the Swimming team, and one of the few Masters that below top 40 that can stand up to Pop Kim without a trace of fear. Her powers as a magus from Taima are unrivaled against the people below her, and she is often called as the Second Rashoumon, whereas Pop Kim is referred to as First Rashoumon. A calm and collected individual who is impossible to break with pressure.

Servant Info: Marauder

  • A beautiful female Servant who is known for her unquestionable loyalty towards her Master. Famous also for her habit of claiming the weapons of defeated enemies as her own, and displaying them as trophies of her own. Can be usually found wherever her Master is, guarding her. A Servant that is suited for both as a bodyguard and a conqueror, someone who does not flinch in a battle even against the toughest monsters.

#49: Aesop & Saver[]

Master Info: Aesop, “Primitive Force” (Angelica Cage)

  • Old an outdated model of homunculi that make up the Angelica Cage faction. Aesop was a surprise to everyone when she debuted in Duel Chart. Further investigations revealed that a sub-routine had activated within her, manifesting as an earnest desire to make herself useful again, despite everything. Now, she advances as fast as she can on the chart, as if driven by an obsession.

Servant Info: Saver

  • Man of great power and great wisdom, this Saver is noted for being a very high-class Servant despite the shortcomings of his Master. Saver is completely dedicated to Aesop, and more than willing enough to give his life to protect the small homunculus. This determination, combined with his excessive prowess in battles, makes him a very dangerous enemy.

#50: Asakami Misora & Rider[]

Master Info: Asakami Misora, “She Only Kills” (Asakami Clan)

  • Emotional wreck of a Master, devoid of all feelings. She is the type that only does what is told, and thus, is more like the weapon of Asakami dormitories, rather than a student living there. Used against only greatest threats, the sole reason why she is below the top 40 is because she has no ambition whatsoever herself, and has come this far only thanks to various mission during which she has killed higher-ranked people than herself.

Servant Info: Rider

  • A young Servant who is nothing more than a boy. His frame is lithe and he can barely carry the heavy jewelry on him. Even so, his power is nothing to be overlooked. Too many Servants and Masters have fallen prey to his mysterious powers that no defense can stop, and which strike too fast for anyone to notice. The kind of enemy which has won the battle even before it has started. No victory can be achieved as long as his mystery remains unsolved.

#51: Zisa Corona & Enchanter[]

Master Info: Zisa Corona, “Golden Bright Explosion” (Valley of Mercury)

  • Surprisingly human-like member of her faction, Zisa is infamous for the fact that she seems to be completely enamored with Japanese otaku culture. Having shaped her personality to fit in these standards, one should be aware of the rules often present in such stories if they desire to defeat her. After all, her small body seems to hold a tremendous amount of power within.

Servant Info: Enchanter

  • Mature woman who seems to be completely aware of her own charms, Enchanter desires peace and tranquility more than anything. However, thanks to her Master, this is something she rarely gets to experience. On top of that, she has a particularly vicious temper, and her skills in thaumaturgy are as good as they come. It should be noted that Enchanter is not above dirty tricks to ensure her quiet days are not disturbed.

#52: Lobo Gestheint & Archer[]

Master Info: Lobo Gestheint, “Unrivaled Mercenary Leader” (Sea of Estray)

  • Former member of the “Wolves of Dignity” mercenary group, amongst the top 40th, Lobo Gestheint is clearly the Master with most fighting experience. He is just an average magus, but copes up with exceptional battle tactics and ruthless use of modern weaponry that is designed to take magi down. One of the few known as “Magus Killer” in the underworld. The kind of person whom you absolutely cannot bluff in any way, as he has seen it all, and knows what is true and what is not.

Servant Info: Archer

  • A fair, young man whom embodies many of the knightly qualities, yet is not bound and hindered by them. Possesses a Noble Phantasm that, while not powerful, has been deadly enough to kill five Servants. Not only that, but he is a master of dirty tricks and underhanded tactics, a almost complete reflection of the chivalrous side he sometimes shows. This makes him a very unpredictable enemy, one that many have fought, only to lose due to the simple fact that they cannot read him at all.

#53: Vielyna von Einzbern & Caster[]

Master Info: Vielyna von Einzbern, “Fierce Avalanche” (Einzbern Homunculi)

  • Older model of Einzbern homunculi, Vielyna’s powers in magecraft are not great, but she overcomes them by sheer hard work and stubbornness. It is often said that “Somebody forgot to include “loss” in Vielyna’s programming” when people talk about her. Known to get up no matter how many times it is required, and it can be that only complete destruction can assure her defeat.

Servant Info: Caster

  • The very epitome of “Evil Queen Witch”. Caster is infamous for her high-end magecraft that there seems to be no end of. In fact, it is quite a surprise that she has even lost, considering how incredibly powerful magic she deploys. As of yet, she has not even used her Noble Phantasm, and those that are planning to fight her should take this into consideration. This Servant climbed all the way up into this rank without using her trump card even once.

#54: Princess Pingyang & Archer[]

Master Info: Princess Pingyang, “Royal Red Feathers” (China Order)

  • The enigmatic aristocrat of the China Order. Pingyang is known as a figure who is hard to figure out, even before becoming a Master. Enemy to some and ally to few, she is the type to keep all her cards close to the chest. In fact, she even employs her lackeys in battle, obfuscating her own powers in order to gain a complete advantage over the challengers who would dare to fight her. To go against her is to go against a mastermind of foul play.

Servant Info: Archer

  • A cocksure man whose self-importance seems to know no bounds. Just like his Master, he boasts about his great abilities, though as a Servant he is decidedly average in performance. However, he seems to be in possession of a particularly dangerous trump card, one that seems to be the basis of all his gloating. To underestimate this man means a certain defeat to anyone foolish enough to do so.

#55: Herbert Dunhaillem & Warder[]

Master Info: Herbert Dunhaillem, “Elegant Gentleman Duelist” (Clock Tower)

  • A Clock Tower Lord and a young man of refined character. He is the type of guy who makes a fatal mistake, admits it immediately and then showers the people around with money in order to cover up for his mistake. The club president of drama club, and is known for his great acting abilities, which he might use surprisingly well to take his enemies off-guard. A formidable magus with all-around-good, no-weakness-whatsoever style of battle. Basics rule, or so Herbert seems to believe.

Servant Info: Warder

  • A young male Servant who seems to be quite idealistic, and almost naïve. His true nature is hard to grasp thanks to his wide array of abilities, and in this sense, he is not unlike his Master. Servant with quite balanced win/lose ratio, and he does not seem to be disheartened even after a loss. Even still, a man who goes against all the odds and snatches that prize he has gotten his eyes on. In other words, the ultimate romantic-type that actually succeeds.

#56: Nitra Mayfield Lannetta & Seer[]

Master Info: Nitra Mayfield Lannetta, “Bloodletter Princess” (Dead Apostles)

  • A famous heiress of the Nitra family, Lannetta has been nicknamed as the “Princess in both sleep and in battle”, which refers her extreme grace during Duels. A fine example of a very traditional Dead Apostle, though her unique family trait hampers this image a little. Still, a powerful Dead Apostle who knows all the tricks when it comes to hurting her own kind. And thus, can deal with such techniques.

Servant Info: Seer

  • A young boy that can hardly even believed to be a Servant. Still, being this high in the Duel-List, he exhibits a power that certainly puts him in the top of the Seer Class in whole. However, those who have fought against him are all unsure as to who his true identity is, mostly due to the fact that there seems to be something odd about his whole being. An enigma that should be approached with care and only after proper preparations.

#57: Deinos Praktet & Saber[]

Master Info: Deinos Praktet, “Heart’s Breaker” (Order of the Templars)

  • Said to be one of the most beautiful members of the Templars, Deinos is a dangerous man in every sense of the word. Many are the women and men he has seduced with his looks, only to turn it all around and execute them as “heretics.” It could be said that he is a particularly attractive viper, one whose poison cannot be resisted even if one knows it exists.

Servant Info: Saber

  • A woman of great renown whose royal poise is enough to leave others in her vicinity to shame. Were it not for the type of man her Master is, she’d be one of the most respected Servants in OLYMPUS. Still, she presses on, seemingly sure that one day she can turn Deinos away from the path he has chosen. In the meantime, she defends her Master with a spirit of an righteous knight and a leader.

#58: Shura Matsuri & Reaver[]

Master Info: Shura Matsuri, “Blood-Colored Blade” (Half-Blood)

  • The self-appointed shrine maiden of half-blood dormitories. Her past information seem to be a complete blank, and there are no accessible records about her in the student database. What is known about her is only through her actions in OLYMPUS, which include brutality and merciless actions in battle, ensuring the victory by all means possible. It has been rumored that if she comes to challenge you, defeat is unavoidable.

Servant Info: Reaver

  • A Servant who seems to think other people as simple tools to achieve victory. His victories have come from taking advantage from enemies’ weakness, and exploiting them mercilessly. At least two Noble Phantasms have been confirmed, but their powers are currently unknown to all, at least it seems. Still a dangerous force, especially when working in unison with his Master, as the two form a perfect pair.

#59: Ryougi Kei/KEI & Enchanter[]

Master Info: Ryougi Kei/KEI, ”Loose Cannon Blade” (Ryougi clan)

  • While the male personality acts as a mediator type, one that has surprisingly good relationship with other factions, the female personality is completely engrossed in fighting. It should be known that she has habit of challenging others to Impulse Battles without a reason, and that is why female-personality should avoided at all costs if not prepared for a fight. Male personality is the club president of Radio Club.

Servant Info: Enchanter

  • A beautiful woman who can allure both Servants and Masters. It is with this face only that she has managed to make it this far in the Duel-List, as the effects are almost impossible to shield against. And not only that, she seems to hold a very powerful Noble Phantasm, that has apparently killed many former Servant and Master pairs. Together with her Master, she seems to strive forward to the very top. At least, she seems very ambitious. Additionally, she is the leader of the "Muses" idol group.

#60: Fe’lei Lan’e & Hunter[]

Master Info: Fe’lei Lan’e, “Graceful Shooting Star” (Remnants of Timaeus)

  • Fe’lei Lan’ei is a good example of how far the members of her faction can go when following their directing reason. Having been imbued with the order of ‘Grace’, Fe’lei has become something of a sensation as a dancer, both in and out of battle. Many are the times she has frustrated her enemies by completely avoiding their attacks, and in fact, it has become the crux of her peculiar fighting-style.

Servant Info: Hunter

  • A seasoned man of war who seems to know a lot about conquest. His no-nonsense attitude and brutal efficiency in battle is in direct opposition with his Master, causing the two to argue quite a bit. Still, if they are able to overcome their differences, these two can form a surprisingly coordinated pair, defeating enemies of higher caliber with ease. However, these occurrences are rare, as the finicky Master and the serious Servant are not the best of combination.

#61: Wang Dao-Ming & Artificer[]

Master Info: Wang Dao-Ming, “Stone-Fist-Girl” (China Order)

  • A young martial arts master from China, who has incorporated her own magecraft style into the combination of various styles of martial arts she uses. Despite her young age and apparent naivety, she is considered a dangerous opponent, most likely thanks to the fact that even a simple punch from her is bone-crushingly destructive. When combined with her magecraft, it can be said that she is extremely dangerous up-and-close.

Servant Info: Artificer

  • Proud and dignified Servant who uses multiple swords in battle. He has, with his Masters, offered his services as a Artificer to other Masters and their partners. However, as he seems to be the type to think money is all that matters, those services are very, very expensive. Actual battle-abilities are considered mid-high, and has exhibited multiple Noble Phantasms, though none of them have been able to be named as of now.

#62: Apep & Chanter[]

Master Info: Apep, “Golden Charm of Scales” (Trismegistus Circle)

  • It is said that Apep is one of the most dangerous members of his Faction, and that only the fact that his Servant as sub-par offensive capabilities prevents him from rocketing through the Duel Chart. The truth of the matter is not certain, however, as so far, he has showcased little interest in fighting those above him. Still, there are many who feel that his calm smile is more than a little unnerving, as well as his eternally closed eyes…

Servant Info: Chanter

  • A flamboyant young man, more akin to a bratty boy than a teenager. His excessive obsession with style and perfection belies his inherent weakness when it comes to actual battles. However, it seems that he has gained the full trust of his enigmatic Master, and thus, he is more than happy to take on all the challengers that would seek to harm them… though he might just turn tail and run if things get too hairy for him.

#63: Marcus Lux & Crusader[]

Master Info: Marcus Lux, “The Never-fading Light” (8th Sacrament)

  • A former priest-turned-vampire-hunter, who seems to believe in the power of powerful basics. He has no specialization that he has showed, at least, and keeps beating his opponents with his all-round-equal-medium skills that give him no advantages, but no disadvantages either. Works part-time in the church of Demeter Market, under the watchful eye of the actual priest in there. All-in-all, very well suited person for all types of combat.

Servant Info: Crusader

  • A red-haired female Servant, clad in plate armor and wielding an enormous lance that is said to be “untouchable” by Marcus Lux. Person who is very dedicated to his Master, and someone who will not quit until the enemy is dead or she herself can no longer continue. One of the few Servants who actually defeat Pop Kim’s Rider in a one-on-one duel, and stated to be the one who the latter has the “worst affinity with”. Guards her Master, day or night.

#64: Kiteegelita Edelfelt & Lancer[]

Master Info: Kiteegelita Edelfelt, “Lady of the Crushing Fist” (Clock Tower)

  • The arrogant heiress of the Edelfelt family, her mastery with the gandr is only second to her devastating proficiency in hand-to-hand combat. Before this skill was recognized, she destroyed many would-be challengers who expected her to be completely helpless without her magecraft. A woman who once embedded a Half-Blood into the floor with a piledriver, and thus, should be approached with extreme caution.

Servant Info: Lancer

  • A noble young woman who is fiercely protective of her young Master. She seems to excel in defensive combat, and employs many military strategies which complement the magecraft utilized by the girl she has formed a contract with. No matter the enemy before her, she refuses to take a single step back, unless it is for the sake of leading them to a trap that will ensure her victory.

#65: Sart Jin & Kaiser[]

Master Info: Sart Jin, “Bandit of the Desert” (Middle-East)

  • A rather young Master who was apparently a former thief in Jerusalem, before picked up by one of the greatest magi in local Association. Though he has been deemed completely amateur, still manages to use powerful spells without any difficulty, which has raised some questions about his true level as a magus. Someone who needs to be approached carefully, due to his unpredictable nature.

Servant Info: Kaiser

  • Servant who is famous from his desire to fight against others, and test his own power. The true warlord type that does not stop even after defeat, and carries a long grudge. Has utterly devastated many enemies before, with power that does not come from his class, but rather, from whom he is. Boasts absolute defense-power, and would have easily passed into Warder class, though his pure pride may have closed off that option during the summoning process.

#66: Warg Sisters & Artificer[]

Master Info: Geri Warg and Freki Warg, “Grey Fangs of Winter” (Sea of Estray)

  • A pair of sisters who have managed to summon a Servant of dual existence. Freki, the older sister, is in charge of the male Servant while Geri, the younger sister, is in charge of the female Servant. These two, despite quite a bit of gap in their age, work as a perfect team. They are both merciless and cold as the mountaintops of Norway from where they hail, and one should not expect any quarter given when fighting against them.

Servant Info: Artificer

  • A pair of Heroic Spirits summoned together as a dual Servant. The two of them are sickeningly in love with each other, and would rather spend the days making out than actually fighting against their enemies. Nevertheless, if their attitude is not enough to drive away the challenger, the male Servant will focus on producing swords with which the female Servant shall annihilate the obstacle in the way of their romance.

#67: Pop Kim & Rider[]

Master Info: Pop Kim, “Bubblegum-popping Witch” (Taima)

  • A Master who could easily advance to far further ranks, even close to the top 30, but refuses to do so because of the joy she gets from crushing the dreams of those newcomers trying to advance on the Duel-Chart. Classified as the “Worst Personality in the Academy”, she is considered a very dangerous Master on her own right, and rumors are that she can put up a defensive-fight against a Servant all on her own. Tends to leave her victims alive to further humiliate them after the battle. Known for her catchphrase: “You can’t spell “Execute” without “Cute”!” Is not part of any club in school for the sole reason that no club takes her in.

Servant Info: Rider

  • A deceivingly small and harmless looking female Servant, whose powers are, however, something that should not be taken lightly. Although her anti-army Noble Phantasm has been used in all of the fights against her opponents, none of those who have been defeated by it can clearly describe it. Thus an enigmatic enemy whose true identity continues to be hidden in the darkness. Those who have defeated are in few, but doing so is considered as the first big step in Duel-Chart, as that means moving on from so called “beginner portion”. Rider is known to be quite good friends with the Trickster taking care of the Persephone Gardens.

#68: Charleston Fox & Trickster[]

Master Info: Charleston Fox, “Magic Hands Shuffle” (Sea of Estray)

  • A magus who seems to, to the dismay of others, freely combine magecraft and sleight of hand. A strange individual whose character is hard to grasp. Although his battle-potential seems to be high, he is so fickle that it is not certain, what is his weakness and what is his habit of playing with his enemy. Head of the Occult club, and certainly a character that belongs into it.

Servant Info: Trickster

  • A Servant who nobody seems to have witnessed, not even once. Well, that is, not counting those who were defeated by the said Servant. However, curiously, even those people and Servants refuse to tell anything about what kind of opponent they faced. Thus, this Trickster is one of the most mysterious Servants in the Duel Chart.

#69: Riel Vaus Fuur & Betrayer[]

Master Info: Riel Vaus Fuur, “The Cold Flame” (Chivalric Orders)

  • A member of the Shield Knights who is known to use a very powerful conceptual weapon in his battles. Unlike many other Masters, he has the tendency to actually take an active part in the battle, as opposed to the usual support-type Masters. Whether or not it is recklessness or just belief in his own Servant, Riel Vaus Fuur has not even flinched when confronting other Servants in a close-quarters melee.

Servant Info: Betrayer

  • A young, vain man who seems to believe in his own power more than anything else. Although he, unlike his Master, has a tendency to dislike battling his opponents face-to-face, when it comes down to the worst, he does battle even if the chances of victory are low. In short, he is a man who believes in his own superiority, but not enough to face his opponents without an advantage. Still, he is a very dangerous opponent just because of this, and his patience is astounding.

#70: Illumin von Einzbern & Archer[]

Master Info: Illumin von Einzbern, “Dance of Spring-Snow” (Einzbern Homunculi)

  • A bright, young homunculus of the Einzbern clan, and rumored to be the next club president of the astrology club. The all-round model that the Einzberns created only a year ago, and she has shown good results whether it’s about battles or acting in normal human society (as normal as OLYMPUS can be). Although her skills are mostly unknown, thanks to all her former opponents being dead, she has not yet taken advantage of this fact and challenged the better ranked Masters.

Servant Info: Archer

  • A proud female Servant that shows distaste for men. Surprisingly, she is an actual member of the tea ceremony club, though attends rarely, as her Master tends to need her help in various tasks due to Illumin’s small size. Her abilities in battle remain mostly as a mystery due to the fact that all the opponents she and her Master have faced have died as the result of the battle. Thus, it is difficult to calculate the actual threat of this Servant.

#71: Fujou Yue & Assassin[]

Master Info: Fujou Yue, “Gentle Warm Breeze” (Fujou Clan)

  • A rather famous healer in the Fujou dormitories. Fujou Yue is known both from her ability to help those who have been injured, as superbly assist her Servant in battle. Whether or not the battles were won thanks to it remains to be seen, but at least, it is understood that her current rank was achieved without her having to take a direct part in the duel at all.

Servant Info: Assassin

  • One of the nineteen Hassan-i-Sabbahs. A quick-witted and quirky man who can be seen watching airball matches every Sunday, or enjoying the winds on the edges of the Areas. It seems that he is more than at home here in the sky, and that his Noble Phantasm takes advantage of the location. However, because of the mysterious ways he has defeated his former opponents, not much additional info remains.

#72: Kimon no Kazu & Invoker[]

Master Info: Kimon no Kazu, “Lion God” (Half-Bloods)

  • A former mercenary in Japan, Kimon no Kazu hails, as his name suggests, from the infamous Kimon village that was located in northern Japan. Not much is known of his abilities as he has not yet fought even once, but thanks to his Servant’s apparent power, and his political influence as the last remnant of Kimon village, he immediately ranked surprisingly high. Time will tell whether or not he lives up to his legacy.

Servant Info: Invoker

  • A monster. Even during her summoning, exhibits undeniable power. Seems to be in control of other Servant-level creatures, from which her Class was deducted. Although her powers are still completely unknown, seems to be in possession of very powerful Mystic Eyes. Rumors are flying around that this Servant might be exhibiting vampiric tendencies. It is left to be seen if the raw magical power she has is enough to crush her future opponents.

#73: Selten Keening & Defender[]

Master Info: Selten Keening, “Hundred Triggers” (Atlas)

  • Selten is a new addition to the Duel Chart, but has not wasted any time to make a big splash. He intends to bring back the former glory days of his faction, and thus it would be advised to stay away from him, as he seems to be willing to utilize any means necessary to bring down his foes. Famous for the sheer absurd number of Conceptual Weapons he seems to have.

Servant Info: Defender

  • A barbarian of a man, yet noble in his spirit. He seems to be a great leader of some sort, often directing the impulsive and brash Master of his on the battlefield. His steel-like determination and unshakable will, however, seem to be covering up a great grudge towards Heroic Spirits more powerful than him. He, if anyone, delights in taking down stronger opponents, and thus makes a great pair with his Master.

#74: Numerica Loch & Lancer[]

Master Info: Numerica Loch, “New Wave of Information” (Atlas)

  • Female member of Atlas who is also the manager of the Digital Archives of the Apollo Libraries. Despite her young age, a rising star in the Master-scene, and known to issue challenges to Duel Battles for even slightest provocation. Although her physical abilities are not that high, she is known to be fearsome when it comes to creating and executing different strategies. The “sit back and guide Servant directly” type of Master, with alarming win-ratio.

Servant Info: Lancer

  • A grim, young Servant with a brooding demeanor. He tends to avoid company of others, and is known to be quite annoyed by any and all attempts of conversation with him. The only one he tends to show a brighter face is his Master. Suffered only one loss in hands of Charleston Fox’s Trickster, but was spared thanks to his Master’s improvisation in plans. Although details are unknown, it is rumored that he carries a certain sort of Noble Phantasm, and is thus considered extremely dangerous when faced without any sort of preparation.

#75: Fiore Lacere-Ran & Chanter[]

Master Info: Fiore Lacere-Ran, “Whirlwind Apple” (Half-Bloods)

  • A Half-Blood, and a powerful one. Has served under a certain figure of power that is not much spoken of in OLYMPUS. This shows both in his manners and his fighting abilities. Although his looks might fool you to think that he is a woman, and his attitude might fool you that he is a butler, it is clear that he is as every bit monstrous as most of the members of his faction. Exhibits dangerously high physical attributes.

Servant Info: Chanter

  • A true member of his class, Chanter exhibits the typical aspects to those of his kind. Calm and collected, a collector of tales and participant of them, he faces off against his enemies with extreme elegance. Though his own power does not seem to be that great, it is rumored that he makes it up with a frightening power he is hiding from the sights of his enemies. Until more information is gathered, Chanter’s true potential will remain a mystery.

#76: Coahoma & Gunner[]

Master Info: Coahoma, “Red Bluff Hunter” (Clock Tower)

  • Young Native American girl currently on her third year at Hebe Middle School, one would do well not to underestimate her power. She has so far demonstrated a staggering proficiency at shamanistic thaumaturgy, and it is expected that when she gains more experience, she will become a terrifying force that will rattle the Duel Chart in her wake.

Servant Info: Gunner

  • Female Servant with a fiery disposition, Gunner is the type that will easily hold a grudge and hunt you down to the ends of the earth because of it. Luckily the usually peaceful atmosphere of OLYMPUS has mellowed out her violent tendencies a bit, and she has become prone to daydreaming. Still, do not expect to catch her easily off-guard, as this master of hunting has animal-like instincts to protect her.

#77: Will Branstone & Saber[]

Master Info: Will Branstone, “Babyface Swordsman” (Clock Tower)

  • A young spelunker, one who has travelled all over the world in his search for artifacts of the old world. Although slightly naïve and has child-like looks, surprisingly efficient when it comes to battles. He is known to own an old conceptual weapon or two, and there is very high surprise-rate when it comes to his battles. Apparently, nobody can know for sure what he has in store.

Servant Info: Saber

  • A handsome, knightly figure clad in plate-armor and carrying a large, rose-colored sword. Quite imposing and fearless, he is what people would call very definition of a knight. Seems to enjoy a divine protection of some sort, as he has been seen walking out of a battle without a single scratch. In addition, seems to have a Noble Phantasm that is rather dangerous, felling even powerful foes with a single strike.

#78: Liu Long Mei & Betrayer[]

Master Info: Liu Long Mei, “Prismatic Palette Princess” (China Order)

  • A magus with quite the history, Liu Long Mei is easily distinguished from her peers by her unique way of fighting. Those who have witnessed her in battle have described her both “elegant” and “captivating”, though also “efficient.” It is this combination of grace and power that should make anyone challenging her wary, as she is one of the more unpredictable opponents of the Duel Chart. Rumors say she has defeated both #83 and #61 in one-on-one combat.

Servant Info: Betrayer

  • A man with a bitter disposition and brooding visage, Betrayer is clearly not one to be trifled with. While he may spare your life at the end of the battle, he does not seem to shy away from brutally efficient or even under-handed tactics. For the sake of honor, this Servant will do anything necessary to gain a victory, a mind-set which raises his threat level more than the abilities he has revealed. Incidentally, there are whispers that someone on the Duel Chart has recognized him, and is none too happy of his summoning...

#79: Velvet Goodman & Gunner[]

Master Info: Velvet Goodman, “Suave Pistol Frenzy” (Dead Apostles)

  • A rather newly made Dead Apostle who was actually born inside OLYMPUS due to unfortunate accident. A very rare example of skipping the whole process as a Dead, and instead jumping straight into the Dead Apostle territory. Not much is known about his power, as he is still getting hang of his true nature as a Dead Apostle. However, he has yet to lose a single match out of those he has been in. The number of matches he has been in is rather small, though.

Servant Info: Gunner

  • A dangerous Servant that has been able to defend his Master, even though he has been unable to fight due to his transformation into a Dead Apostle. Took down the former #55 and his Servant on his own, when they tried a sneak-attack against the new threat. He can usually be found in the shopping district, drinking his heart out in the local bar. Other Servants tend to dislike him for reasons unknown. It is advised to use extreme caution when confronting, as his Noble Phantasm is known to cause high collateral damage.

#80: Saimon Machibei & Berserker[]

Master Info: Saimon Machibei, “Iron Pillar Monk” (Enlightened Road)

  • A young man of imposing stature, Machibei towers above most of his opponents at amazing 212 cm. However, despite his large size, it has been noted that he is an extremely fast opponent, prone to catching anyone who underestimates him off-guard. Just like most of his brethren, Machibei has yet to kill anyone he has fought, though no one has been stupid enough to push their luck to its limits. An expression of fury on that peaceful face would be too dreadful to behold.

Servant Info: Berserker

  • A sleeping giant, woman that is even taller than her Master and owns enough brute strength to crush anyone standing in her way. Most of the time it seems that she is in a state of half-sleep, which seems to restrict her powers. However, twice this lull has been seen to be lifted, upon which a rage unlike any other has been released. What she has left behind has been utter destruction and battered bodies of her enemies.

#81: Firo Prochainezo & Lancer[]

Master Info: Firo Prochainezo, “Runic Mastermind” (Sea of Estray)

  • A Master that boasts powerful runes and strategic mind to use them properly. Is one of the few can solve the Duel Chart within the first week. Although utilizes powerful magecraft in form of various spells, seems to specialized in a way that leaves him open to certain ways of approach. Due to current events, it shall remained to be seen whether or not he is a villain or a hero.

Servant Info: Lancer

  • A Servant with enough power to put him in the top category of his Class. However, due to the lack of influence and straight-forward personality, remains currently lower in the rankings. Seems to be the type that loses against complex tactics. Since he has been so far in only one battle, his Noble Phantasms are unknown, though employs a light as a weapon in a melee-combat.

#82: Tachikaze Souyon & Squire[]

Master Info: Tachikaze Souyon, “Earth-shaking Squall” (The House)

  • Self-proclaimed “coolest person in OLYMPUS,” Tachikaze Souyon is easy enough to dismiss as a complete idiot. However, that tends to be the last mistake his enemies make, as time has proven that behind his ridiculously over-the-top attitude lies the heart of a merciless killer. His way of fighting seems to be particularly troublesome for magi, as many have found their magecraft almost completely ineffective against him.

Servant Info: Squire

  • Young man who is not afraid to let everyone know about this “Idol Supreme.” Though under a Command Spell that forbids him from revealing the name of his object of adoration, he has found numerous ways to announce just how magnificent this man was. However, just like his Master, underestimating Squire is a mistake, as his powers are surprisingly vast for someone of his Class.

#83: Kuchieda Midori & Archer[]

Master Info: Kuchieda Midori, “White and Green” (Asakami)

  • A self-proclaimed kunoichi and one of the newest members of Asakami clan. She lacks experience, though she exhibits certain talent. Though it could be thought that her being new to this could be exploited as a tactic, she has proven herself to be very quick at adapting, and thus, is very unpredictable. Favors city-wide matches where she can use her skills to the best, and usually refuses other kind of challenges.

Servant Info: Archer

  • A man who would do well in the Trickster class too. He also exhibits many traits Assassin class would find valuable. In other words, he is a man who can adapt to many situations, depending on the circumstances. Just like his Master, he stays unfazed even against most turbulent situation. It seems that Archer has taken it as his job to guide his Master to the right path.

#84: Kisaragi Tatsumi & Rider[]

Master Info: Kisaragi Tatsumi, “Wild Youthful Beast” (Half-Bloods)

  • The young leader of the Oniwabanshu, a group of Hybrids dedicated to protecting the peace of OLYMPUS. Kisaragi Tatsumi has demonstrated before that she is very capable in battle, but now, with a Servant at her side, she has become a true force to be reckoned with. However, her youthful naivety makes her an easy target to certain tactics, and thus, she is not expected to rise very quickly from her current spot.

Servant Info: Rider

  • Woman with horns on her head, a sign or a curse from the life she has led. Rider is a person with a sorrowful gaze, one that must’ve formerly beheld flames of fury. Still, even though she now fights only for the sake of her Master, she is powerful enough to give almost anyone a run for their money. In addition, she is one of the most recent Heroic Spirits summoned, and thus the information about her is very scarce.

#85: Sakhmet Nuave & Berserker[]

Master Info: Sakhmet Nuave, “Sealed-off Mind” (Atlas)

  • A rather new member of Atlas, she seems to mind her own business, and has not yet made any contact with outside forces. Her battle-strength has not been tested much, and thus, it can only be speculated how dangerous she is in reality. Apparently, armed with a dual-type conceptual weapon that she used to defeat current #57, who was hospitalized afterwards. It is almost unavoidable for facing her without prior information, due to her being a new face in the Duel Chart.

Servant Info: Berserker

  • The mad jester. A Berserker, which instead of being in constant battle-frenzy, is completely insane. Although low-ranked, he has exhibited some very dangerous skills, leading to some interesting questions about his true identity. It is rumored that, if prepared poorly, a match against him would turn into a simple slaughter. Whether or not his constant laugh serves any actual purpose is unknown, but hearing that is deemed as the first real test amongst new Masters and Servants on the chart.

#86: Aozakura Ranman & Dreamer[]

Master Info: Aozakura Ranman, “Rioting Petals” (???)

  • A Demon Hunter who appeared in OLYMPUS without being tied to any of the known factions. She is currently in negotiation with the existing Clans to serve under one of them, but as long as she remains a wild card, little is known about her. However, she acquired a Servant the day she set foot into OLYMPUS, and thus, she promises to be a very dangerous enemy.

Servant Info: Dreamer

  • A silent and calm woman, one wielding a bow and arrow like they were extensions of her own body. She is often seen with animal spirits at her side, symbols of the power she wields that is unlike that of an average Heroic Spirit. Her enigmatic ways often clash with the world around her, but in her tranquil eyes lies a terrifying power.

#87: Felix Caelum & Saber[]

Master Info: Felix Caelum, “Reborn Relic” (Clock Tower)

  • An upstanding magus with a strange idea of what a “good citizen” means. Seems friendly on the other hand, but on the next moment, he might suddenly simply brush you off. Then again, his mentality makes him a Master that is hard to predict, and when allied with his Servant, these effects are even amplified. Someone with qualifications of rising high in the Duel Chart.

Servant Info: Saber

  • Servant of undeniable power. Dressed in armor that hides everything about him. However, what is understood that there is power within this Servant that threatens everyone above him. Hard to control and loyal; a dilemma and enigma for both enemies and his Masters. Whatever the case, he will be leaving his mark in the Duel Chart in one way or another. Perhaps even a crater.

#88: Tenryuu Mikoto & Marauder[]

Master Info: Tenryuu Mikoto, “Transparent Wild Poppy” (Enlightened Road)

  • A shy and introverted Master of Marauder, Tenryuu Mikoto might be the only reason that the said Servant has not succumbed completely to her desires. Often joked to be the person with the least offensive capacity in all of OLYMPUS, Mikoto is someone Marauder has to keep a constant watch on. In other words, it is nearly impossible to catch her with an ambush, as her Servant is never too faraway to help her.

Servant Info: Marauder

  • A woman of hedonistic tendencies, Marauder is a bit different than the other members of her Class. Instead of simply collecting weapons, she aims to “take everything” from the enemies she defeats, including their dignity and self-worth. She loves to humiliate others, and even her Master is not safe from her antics. After all, it seems that Marauder only views her as an anchor she has to the real world; an object she begrudgingly protects.

#89: Kushina Yamato & Squire[]

Master Info: Kushina Yamato, “Red Vanguard” (Half-Bloods)

  • One of the new additions to Duel-Chart. Boasts a great lineage and good pedigree, but fails to rise to the levels of his distant cousin who is one of the fabled Crimson Red Vermillions. Known to be quite a hot-head when the situation gets out of hand, and if his plans don’t go as he intends them to, he gets flustered and becomes an easy target. Due to his lower master-aptitude, he has been unable to rise in the ranks of Duel-Chart, and has remained in the last place, at least until now. Surprisingly dangerous if he gets close enough during battle.

Servant Info: Squire

  • Kushina Yamato’s Servant. Although has taken part in the battles, he has yet to reveal the scope of his power or any of his Noble Phantasm, due to the fact that no Master has been able to get a successful reading out of Squire. Elusive Servant who seems to like his own peace, though seems to be quite good friends with his Master. Due to his unknown power, and Yamato’s refusal to use his Servant to his full potential, an enigmatic threat. It is believed that when the two gather enough experience, they will become a rising force in the Duel Chart.

#90: Alyri Nukis & Seer[]

Master Info: Alyri Nukis, “Wisdom on the Walls” (Trismegistus Circle)

  • A woman completely enamored with her Servant. Alyri seems to care little about the Duel Chart, instead spending all her waking moments doting the young boy called Seer. It is only when his existence is threatened that Alyri stands up to fight, and when she does, the Conceptual Weapon that she brandishes riddles the bodies of her enemies with curses.

Servant Info: Seer

  • A young boy, not seemingly more than fourteen years old. This Seer is noted for his ability to see into the future with infallible accuracy, often utilizing this information to humiliate other people he comes across. The only person this seems to have no effect on is his Master, the one woman that he cannot seem to win against. While he does lack in offensive capabilities, the prowess of his Master more than makes up for that.

#91: Alacia Starward & Caster[]

Master Info: Alacia Starward, “Star of Life” (Middle-Eastern Order)

  • An odd-bird amongst the Masters. Exhibits very little desire to fight, and is more interested when it comes to protecting those close to her. However, her power is nothing to be underestimated. And when combined with her Servant, it might make her dangerous to many above her. It seems that she is a sort of sleeping beauty, awaking only when something is threatening her friends, and releasing a castle-full of thorns that destroy.

Servant Info: Caster

  • A typical Caster of his class, he seems to be, similarly with his Master, something of an exception amongst his peers. This might be because of his relative ambiguity, which leaves everyone wondering his identity without actually having any clues at all. Nevertheless, he is a formidable force, and works well in tandem with his Master. The two know each other well, and this shows in their battle style.

#92: Ichini & Assassin[]

Master Info: Ichini, “Forgiven” (The House)

  • A young boy who should have never entered the Duel Chart. Unlike all the others above him, he did not summon his Servant himself. Instead, it is something passed to him by his older brother after he was killed immediately following the summoning. Only time will tell how long does it take for him to die a pitiful death now that he has been put to the spot…

Servant Info: Assassin

  • A Servant who possesses little to no power. Even though he wears the white skull mask, he seems to exhibit no skills in espionage or stealth, never mind in actual battle. Instead, just like his Master, he is an anomaly when it comes to the Duel Chart. It has been speculated that where he to actually fight, it would only take an average Servant two minutes to completely annihilate him. It is questioned to whether he even owns a Noble Phantasm.