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Drake A. Walker
Also known as: The Cold Iron Magus
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: Corporal Optimus
Voice actor: Takanori Nishikawa
Character type: Master, Magus
Affiliation: Clock Tower
Gender: Male
Birthday: 6th of July, 1980
Height: 1.82 m
Weight: 72 kilos
Blood type: O-
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Blue
Drake's Theme ~Dance of the Iron Ox

"I wish there was a less harmful way of doing this. However, it seems like the idea of playing poker to decide wether one is apt or not to get the Grail won't do, so don't blame me if you end up with a frozen arm or having your sternum shattered."

Drake Walker is one of the Playable Characters participating in the Fate/Regalia RP as a Master. Although not a proper magus from the Clock's Tower point of view, he received training and still holds some rights such as his rank and his family name.

An apparently bright young person who in reality has reached 40 years of life, yet he hides it through usage of magecraft. One could say at first sight he left the Clock Tower because he wanted to be free from the pressure of being a magus; however, his eyes and way of behaving tell a completely different thing.


Drake's way of behaving and pressence leaves an aura of uncertainety to those who meet him; the best way to describe him would be a person of "undetermined" mental age. His morals are more like iron-clad definitions of "good" and "evil", yet his actions to follow them are completely chaotic. Although he understands that something is bad, he barely puts his life on a stake for them. Usually an easygoing man who takes his time to enjoy each step he takes, to feel every sensation, to treasure every memory and to get as much enoyment of every second of his life as he can, but sometimes, especially when it comes to soldier-like actions such as killing or taking war spoils, becomes a very serious person. Incredibly sharp sometimes, yet others incredibly dense; one never knows what this guy is up to.



The Walker family is a relatively unknown one in the Mage's Association. All it's descendants standing around 2nd Rank, their magecraft specialization is said to be Reinforcement spells, and it has been noticed a common and particularly strong attachment to the Steel allignment by all of them. History books from the Mage's association place magi from this family supporting others to ascend themselves to "Lords", thus later obtaining some respect amongst higher ranks and the right to carry their own Arms Emblem.


Some people say that Drake Walker studied in the Clock Tower around 20 years of his lifetime before leaving for reasons unknown, and that he took some jobs as a Freelancer, which range down to retrieving Mystic Codes for the Mage's Association or taking part in fights between factions as a mercenary. However, none of them were important enough for his methods of fighting nor his spells to become famous.


Little is known about Drake's combat style, but it is said that he's been in many risky battles. Supposedly, he has little knowledge of martial arts but compensates his lack of talent with his real combat experiences and thorough preparation.



It has been shown that Drake can greatly enhance single bodily parts like his eyes with ease, along with his lower extremities and nerves for greater efficiency when observing a fight between Servants.

General Reinforcement Technique of the Walker, Support-Type. Rank [E-A]: General skill of Reinforcement, which is, pouring prana into an object to elevate it. Due to Drake’s Thaumaturgy Trait and specialization of his family on these techniques, bodily parts can be reinforced with certain ease and objects are enhanced more efficiently. Depending on the amount of prana poured and on what is poured, the power and the duration of the effects vary.

E: Slight enhancement of the object/part Reinforced. In case of fighting against someone whose weapon/attributes are in the same category, this grants the upper-hand. Has chances of damaging some low-class ethereal beings.

D: Allows for a weapon to hit the opponent with the same power as if he had been hit by a Tier 1 Rank E weapon. Also, allows for the user’s AGI to be augmented during his turn by one rank if used on self.

C: Elevation of an item’s purpose to a point far higher than the original. That is, the effects of said item are doubled, whatever it is Reinforced, and if it’s a weapon and hits the opponent is treated as a Tier 1 Rank D weapon, those effects lasting for 2 turns. Also, if used on self, allows one rank up to the user’s AGI or END to be Reinforced during 1 turn. Limit of most of magi.

Paying the cost of a Rank B spell, certain skills may be obtained by pouring prana into the body: Clairvoyance, Battle Continuation, Instinct; any of these of Rank D for 1 turn.


Since he arrived into OLYMPUS he already started to make friends with Fujou Rei among other students. After entering school, his teacher assigned him a 4 pages essay just because. Soon after, after going to Apollo Libraries with Rei and Shiki, had a bad encounter with a Lancer Servant who would have killed him if Kushina Yamato and his Servant had not saved him.

Later that day after meeting his Dorm Head, Roselia McKlennington, Drake went to the shopping mall and ordered some furniture. Also, that day he met Simone El-Melloi and after a short talk, he headed towards his room.

Route Link: "Unbroken Engine"[]

Kushina Yamato: Level 3

Simone El-Melloi: Level 1

Umiou Chihaya: Level 1

Rei Fujou: Level 1

Liu Long Mei: Level 1

Firo Prochainezo: Level 1


Battle Introduction: "I guess there is little I can say. Your wish and mine are in the line, and only one of us may prevail!"