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The faction of vampires that have risen to Dead Apostle rank. One of the most tightly supervised factions due to the common knowledge of what Dead Apostles can do. However, due to the "truce" that is enforced in OLYMPUS, incidents involving attacks of Dead Apostles are not more common than those by any other kind. Thanks to the leadership of their dorm head, Jacques de Florence, the Dead Apostles are a surprisingly calm faction, holding a friendly relationship with all other factions than those of the Holy Church. The most prominent problem with the Dead Apostles was solved with the fountain of replacement-blood that was installed in their dorms. After all, the Dead Apostles drink blood to keep up their immortality, unlike Half-Bloods who do so to preserve their sanity. Still, it is not uncommon for the Dead Apostles themselves to not be trusted by other students of the Athena Academy.


The dorms of the Dead Apostles are a multiple castle-like buildings that are connected to each other, resembling an old fortress city of medieval times. The castles are made of black stone, but they are heated with modern means. There is a large fountain in the courtyard where the artificial blood pours from, and it is available to all the students living in the dorm. The dorm head's quarters are in the tallest tower of the dorm complex.

Current Members[]

This is a list of the currently known members of Dead Apostles faction.