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Dan Rong Zheng
Appears in: Fate/Moon White
Played by: DB-Loyalty
Character type: Magus, Master
Gender: Male

Master of Archer.


On the surface, people know him as Aegis Security Agent, Daniel York Morgan... or just Dan, that's what everyone calls him. He's not exactly on the run from the Mage's Association, but prefers to keep a low profile when it comes to them.

Dan attended the London branch of the Association until his preteen years, after which he left to the Far East with his foster mother to further his education. In reality, this was to get him out of a potentially dangerous situation after rumors started circulating about his Origin abilities, something that could get him a Sealing Designation. Officially, Dan is "away" on a training trip. Nobody ever bothered to check on him given the common secrecy of the Clock Tower.

As of now, he's a Private Security Contractor working for Aegis Defense Services, and he's taking a break from the war zones in order to attend to a certain letter regarding the Holy Grail War.

Known Abilities[]