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The faction that consist of the members that are part of the Clock Tower part of the Magic Association. The most numerous magi in OLYMPUS, they have a lot of influence due to their amount, but still lack the actual quality of the members when compared to the other factions. Clock Tower is in possession of most numerous workshops for the magi in the OLYMPUS, but rent them only for their own members, much to the dismay of Sea of Estray. Clock Tower is one of the factions that took part in building OLYMPUS, though none of the current members is part of that generation. Clock Tower is ruled by five Lords, of whom the one with most influence, the current dorm head, makes the final decisions whenever the question in hand is big.


The dorm of the Clock Tower is an actual replica of the Clock Tower in London, with few changes. The first floor is larger, and acts as a sort of lobby where corridors take the students to the workshops that Clock Tower rents to the succesful magi of their own faction. The actual housings are in the tower, with females being on every other floor, and males on every other. There is no elevator, and the only way to the top is through the narrow, spiraling staircase that hugs the wall of the tower. The current dorm head resides on the very top, in her own private quarters.

Current Members[]

The list of the current members of Clock Tower faction.