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The faction which is the combined might of warriors and knights from different churches, in other words, Chivalric Orders. Sub-faction of the Holy Church. The Chivalric Orders is a faction with most diverse members, ranging from simple paladins to a saint, who is right now the dorm head. This faction is more open that it's sister faction, and tends to challenge problems head-on. However, they also enjoy good publicity, although their run-ins with the Dead Apostles are well-known, too. ARES has a special relationship with the Chivalric Orders, as surprisingly large number of their members works in their ranks, first in Disciplinary Committee and then in the actual unit. The amount of students from this faction is second only to Clock Tower.


The dorm of Chivalric Orders takes a form of main assembly hall that has been built to resemble a large church. Around it are multiple tower like buildings that house the actual students. Students have been separated by gender and by order, which explains the large number of small towers. Around the perimeter, perfectly trimmed grass and trees that remind of mediterranean have been planted as a perfect pair to the marble-like substance the towers and the church have been built from. The dorm head's quarters and office are in the top floor of the church.

Current Members[]

The list of currently known members of Chivalric Orders.