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The faction that consist of the members that are part of the China Order part of the Eastern Association. Being the from the land where the magecraft system of Japan originated, they have a pretty rocky relationship with Taima. Additionally, Clock Tower also holds them in contempt, and it is usually said that if either Taima or Clock Tower members are on a bad mood, it's China Order's fault. Although open with other factions, the members always seem to be driving their own agenda, and thus are not considered a very good neutral party. China Order has most workshops available for rent of the Eastern Association sub-factions, although you must prove yourself to be exceptional before you are allowed to rent one. The current dorm head is widely regarded as a no-good-lazybones, and her secretary does most of the work.


The dorm of the China Order is a large pagoda that mimics the tower of Clock Tower faction. It has a large ground floor, where corridors and walkways lead to the smaller pagodas that house the workshops for rent. Meanwhile, the large pagoda that stretches towards the sky houses the students. Females are on every other floor, while males are on every other. The dorm head has her quarters on the very top floor, along with her office. This doubles nowadays as the room of her secretary as well.

Current Members[]

Currently known members of the China Order.