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“It is in the nature of humans to wonder what they can do to make their lives better - to cling to what is precious to them. Embittered by a thousand wars and tempted by the dream of Paradise, we become consumed by our own desire to be happy - to be free of the hurt. Inevitably though, we realize how narrow our happiness was, and in trying too late to share our joy with the world, we ruin ourselves and end up with nothing.”

Pink Hair Girl
Also known as: "Lord of the Everlasting


Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: Egophobia
Character type: Servant
Affiliation: Japanese Half-Bloods,

Dead Apostles

Gender: Male
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Hair color: Pink
Eye color: Pink
True name: unknown
Master: Fiore Lacere-Ran
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class skills:
Personal skills:
Noble Phantasms:
Chanter's Theme - Soldier in Two Worlds, Hero in None

Noble Phantasm Theme - Killing Fields Carnival No.9

The Servant summoned by Fiore Lacere-Ran shortly after his arrival on OLYMPUS. Dreary and introspective, Chanter does not seem to think very highly of himself or other heroes, hoping earnestly that the children of this generation do not follow in their footsteps. A type of partner who with disagree with you but follow along to keep you out of trouble, he is a reliable individual with an air of exhaustion and wisdom that contrasts his young and glamorous appearance. Despite lacking the bearing or regalia of a soldier, though, those who deduce his identity or see beyond his unconfrontational nature recognize the terrible threat he poses to anyone if motivated to take up arms once more.


Exhaustion; strangely beautiful and welcoming in the manner of an experienced storyteller, everything about Chanter is punctuated by the air of a man who has not known proper rest in as long as he can remember. He and Fiore are often driven to arguments over one another's health, often contradicting themselves in the process, but Chanter is the sort of person to ignore his own advice, not concerned about his own well-being so long as the people he takes care of are alright. Sympathetic and reserved, he enjoys serving as counselor to young people and hearing about the simplistic troubles that make up mundane life. Possessing an intimate understanding of regret and personal anguish, he nurses a deep-seated disgust at the notion of undoing any "unfairness" dealt to oneself by an external mechanism or by finding a way to cheat fate. During his lifetime, at least, one fought and bled in their contest against faith, not relying on tools or the goodwill of the divine.


Chanter has yet to reveal any powers beyond his talent for storytelling and the titanic presence of an individual who practiced ancient magicks. His entry in the Duel Chart would suggest that he possesses a remarkable trump card that overtakes having been summoned into a role that prohibits many of the talents he developed over his lifetime.

True Identity[]


Noble Phantasms[]



Chanter has not been summoned yet.


"I welcome you, children of a forgotten age, to sit and listen to my stories - I have heard many tales and been the object of countless untold, and- *smiles* Who knows, I might have written yours."

"There is nothing greater than a story, which sweeps us from the mundane and into a world that enamours us with its strange, alien beauty. There is nothing lower than a story, which is limited by the imagination and experience of the storyteller, who can never speak of things greater than what he has envisioned."