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Cassie Minx
Cassie placeholder
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Voice actor: ?
Character type: Student
Affiliation: ?
Gender: Female
Birthday: ?
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Three sizes: ?
Blood type: ?
Hair color: Green
Eye color: Brown

A young magus with an unusual gift for painting.


Approachable and kind to strangers, she does not appear to be all that shy, though flustering her seems to make her impossible to talk to. Possesses a passionate and simplistic opinion about beauty and life that seems deeply connected to her painting.




Can apparently bring her paintings to life, though when she first hinted at this power during a conversation with Fiore Lacere-Ran, it sounded as if it might happen completely by accident if he were to be painted into the landscape she was working on. The extent and nature of this ability is yet unknown, as is the level of control she possesses.



Route Link: "Paint it Black"[]

Fiore Lacere-Ran: Level 1


  • Known to play games of Kick the Can.
  • Apparently wore a pair of striped turqoise and white panties on Day Two.
  • Seems to think, erroneously, that Fiore Lacere-Ran is a girl (who has a crush on her).
  • Mentioned to be a human whom Servants are particularly respectful towards.