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Cǎi Fen
Fate Regalia Cai Fen
Also known as: White-Space Coloring Brush
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Character type: Student
Affiliation: China Order
Gender: Female
Hair color: White
Eye color: Teal
STR: ? CAS: ?
END: ? PRA: ?
AGI: ?

Often referred as the "White-Space Coloring Brush," Fen is one of the more mysterious members of the China Order. Known for her bizarre fighting-style involving utilizing the reality as a canvas and her limbs as brush of infinite colors, she paints the battlefield with the spectrum of her own victory. Thus, she is not comparable to the typical member of the China Order, as what she does is not is a martial art all... instead, it is simply a form of "Art." Or, at least that is what she insists. Nobody really knows if there is truth to this at all, but since she is so vehement about it, nobody wants to be at odds with her for such a stupid reason. After all, her beauty is comparable to that of Princess Pingyang, and thus she is very popular whether it is within her own Dormitory or in the school at large. Combined with her strong personality, she is the leader of the second-most powerful clique in the China Dormitory; a position which she is not about to relinquish any time soon.

While outwardly sweet and kind, there is clear hidden steel within those innocent eyes of her. She does not exactly attempt to hide it and play a charade to fool everyone, but for those who meet her the first time, her demeanor might give the wrong impression. When she wants to, Fen can be very determined and calculating, even to the point where one could call her cruel. She wants to do good, and even admits it herself, but does not hesitate to use force to obtain that goal. For her, the end justifies the means, but if she is going there, she at least wants to give civilicity a chance. If, and only if, other ways of handling it are not possible does she dirty her hands in blood. But, at the end of the day, she will have obtained her victory, no matter what it costed her. Therefore, one should think carefully before attempting to get closer to her. After all, the smile she offers may at the very next second turn into an emotionless expression denoting your doom.

Where to Find: Fen can often be found in the Arts Club, though she has a certain favorite painting-spot of hers in the dormitory platform of China Order.

Her clique's inner circle is about 30 person strong, but if you count all the lackeys and what-not, you could say it's over 100 person strong?

The following scene was described as an encounter between Pingyang and Fen:

Earth rumbles, air shivers, cracks appear on windows, Dao trembles in the corner, the two princessess of the China Order walk in the same room and gaze each other with enough venom to kill a dragon ten times over...

Fen: "Hmh? I did not know it was already a time for dirty birds to start scampering around to make their nests."

Pingyang: "Ohohoho~ I, too, am surprised! To think I'd run into a poor, talentless artist in this place of high-class learning... just where has the society failed, I wonder?"