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Baltis Vallis
Fate Regalia Baltis Vallis
Appears in: Fate/Regalia
Played by: NPC
Character type: Student
Affiliation: Valley of Mercury
Gender: Male
Hair color: Green
Eye color: Green
STR: ? CAS: ?
END: ? PRA: ?
AGI: ?

There are many things the members of VoM can get enamored with because of their fresh view on this world, but Baltis is rather known for his obsession with wind. Whenever he moves, he runs, as if trying to get his small wings to take him off the ground. If he eats lunch outside, he eats it at the top of a tree or on a rooftop of the highest building he can find. Sports like air-ball are impossible for him to resist, though he has no talent in them himself. He's like a clumsy dodo in that regard, gazing up at the eagles flying above and dreaming of one day joining them.

Baltis, however, is known for his Knight Arm which actually resembles more of a zephyr-cannon, a sword-shaped wind-tunnel that he utilizes to blow away his enemies if he has to fight. However, he'd much rather go gaze at the sky from the top of the Athena Academy than battle with people he barely knows. In that sense, he is definitely a daydreamer... but he often tries to make those fantasies a reality, only to fail again and again.

Where to Find: He often takes walks around the edges of the wards and Hermes Lines, but if you happen to find a very tall building on a clear, windy day, chances are he's up there.

He's part of the Valley of Mercury Airball Team. A hopeless bunch.