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The faction that consist of the members that are part of the Atlas part of the Magic Association. Unlike those of Sea of Estray or Clock Tower, Atlas has no magi at all in it's ranks. Instead, it is the faction alchemists from Egypt, unlike those traditional alchemists of Praha and Europe. They utilize their great minds and Memory Partition abilities instead of magecraft, and manage to arrive to similiar results. Although they keep an open facade for other factions, Atlas has its own secrets. They have direct link to the Atlasia that leads OLYMPUS, and her Pantheon, and thus get hold of rumors much faster than other factions. Members of Atlas tend to be very specialized, and they all strive to uncover questions of their own.


The dorm of Atlas is a vaguely pyramid-shaped building that acts like a hall of Egyptian origins. The hall connects two large towers which house the actual students. The left tower houses the female students, while the right one is the home of the male students. The workshops of the Atlas can be found in the depths of the main building, and in the very end of the almost catacomb-like structure, the dorm head's quarters and office can be found.

Current Members[]

The list of the current members of Atlas