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Being a large building of white steel and blue glass, and being of sleek and futuristic design, Athena Academy is the centerpiece of OLYMPUS, and the reason why it is called an "academy city". It is a towering building divided into six floors, from which all but one are divided into two wings. Each wing is large enough to house multiple spacious classrooms and other rooms. Corridors large enough for two trucks to drive through side-by-side connect these wings to the "central pillar" where large spiraling staircase and four elevators lie. The elevators are all in shape of one quarter of a circle, and together they form a perfect cylinder that's parts move up and down the floors, in the space inside the spiraling staircase.

There are numerous vending machines in each floor, and the cafeteria in 3rd floor is big enough to have all the students eat at the same time. The cafeteria lunches cost a measly fee, to help the upkeep of the school's kitchen. One floor up, in the 4th floor, lies the gym where most of the sport-clubs gather, and the auditorium where most of the formal school events, speeches and such are held. In the 5th floor lies the principal's office, along with the ZEUS office, although it is best not to enter either without a proper and valid reason. The roof level has a pool that is free to use for any of the students in the summertime (it is closed in the winter time), unless the Swimming Team is holding a practice.

The current curriculum in Athena Academy is:

  • Biology, taught by Inori Masaru
  • Chemistry & Traditional Alchemy, taught by Ursula von Einzbern
  • History & Artifacts-study, taught by Niklas Nosberg
  • Mathematics & Numerology, taught by Tomozaki Kyoko
  • Languages (Modern), taught by Basil Sikhart
  • Languages (Classical), taught by Gabriel McKlennington
  • Languages (Forgotten, Divine, Unified), taught by Kurogiri Satsuki
  • Master-studies (Masters only), taught by Kuzunoha Ran
  • Media-studies, taught by Klaus Anderson
  • Modern Alchemy, taught by Nevelie Joy
  • Modern Magecraft, taught by Aozaki Touko
  • Philosophy, taught by Mooroka Kumiko
  • Physical Education & Battle-study, taught by Tracy Lovestone
  • Physics, taught by Sunoko Kain
  • Psychology, taught by Jessica Flick
  • Religious Studies, taught by Kotomine Kyrie
  • Servant-studies (Servants only), taught by Caster
  • World Literature, taught by Sastran Zehs
  • Witchcraft & Hexes, taught by Kuonji Alice

1st Floor[]


1st Floor

First floor houses the first year students' classrooms, the faculty office and numerous cultural club classrooms.

  • Classroom 1-A (Homeroom Teacher: Klaus Anderson)
  • Classroom 1-B (Homeroom Teacher: Sunoko Kain)
  • Classroom 1-C (Homeroom Teacher: Inori Masaru)
  • Classroom 1-D (Homeroom Teacher: Nevelie Joy)
  • Teacher's lounge
  • Side-library
  • Faculty office
  • ARES office
  • Mystery Research Club
  • Chess Club
  • Occult Club
  • Art Club
  • Radio Club
  • Literature Club
  • Astrology Club
  • Drama Club

2nd Floor[]


2nd Floor

Second floor houses the classrooms of second year students, along with an infirmary, a library and the rest of the classrooms for cultural clubs.

  • Classroom 2-A (Homeroom Teacher: Niklas Nosberg)
  • Classroom 2-B (Homeroom Teacher: Ursula von Einzbern)
  • Classroom 2-C (Homeroom Teacher: Kuonji Alice)
  • Classroom 2-D (Homeroom Teacher: Sastran Zehs)
  • Infirmary
  • Library
  • Disciplinary Committee office
  • Crafts Club
  • Go Club
  • Tea Ceremony Club
  • Manga Club
  • Photography Club
  • Iris Newspaper HQ

3rd Floor[]


3rd Floor

Western wing of third floor is reserved for cafeteria, while the eastern wing houses third year students' classrooms, along with the student council office.

  • Classroom 3-A (Homeroom Teacher: Mooroka Kumiko)
  • Classroom 3-B (Homeroom Teacher: Basil Sikhart)
  • Classroom 3-C (Homeroom Teacher: Aozaki Touko)
  • Classroom 3-D (Homeroom Teacher: Tomozaki Kyoko)
  • Cafeteria:
  • Student Council office

4th Floor[]


4th Floor

Fourth floor has no classrooms, and is mainly used for gatherings, both school-wide and by clubs.

  • Auditorium:
  • Gym:

5th Floor[]


5th Floor

The fifth floor has offices of school-heads.

  • Principal's Office:
  • ZEUS Office:

6th Floor[]


6th Floor

Roof is used for relaxation for students.

  • Swimming pool:
  • Equipment storage:
  • Swim Team

7th Floor[]


7th Floor

"Seventh floor" is actually a modified Hermes Line that hangs outside, suspended in the air, and provides gathering points for both P.E, few sports club, and has OLYMPUS' official air-ball field in middle of it.

  • Track and Field
  • Air Ball