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The faction which represents the might of Assembly of the 8th Sacrament in OLYMPUS. Sub-faction of the Holy Church. The side of Church which distrusts the other factions in OLYMPUS more. Just like the Dead Apostles, its members are something that other students are wary of. Even so, the 8th Sacrament has a good relationship with the people of Hephaestus District, and the members of this faction gain access to the weapons produced there. A secretive faction which does not normally let other people, even from the Chivalric Orders, into their dorm area. However, thanks to the efforts of the current dorm head, their attitude has become a bit more soft towards the other people during the recent year. The current dorm head is surprisingly young, and this might have something to do with it.


The dorms of 8th Sacrament have been built as a smaller version of Vatican, with it's buildings and the large cathedral in the middle. The buildings around the cathedral house the students, few in each, and males and females separately, while few stores are active in the other empty buildings. In other words, it is like a very small town, just like Asakami Clan's dorm area. The 8th Sacrament's dorm head can be found in the cathedral, where her personal quarters and office lie.

Current Members[]

The list of the currently known members of 8th Sacrament.