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The faction of those belonging the Asakami Clan. A sub-faction of the Demon Hunter Organization. The people of the Asakami Clan tend to be the most numerous of the clans that make up the Demon Hunter Organization. They also have wide access to different ESP powers, but like in most cases, what they win in quantity, they lose in quality. The current Dorm Head is popular amongst the academy city, however, and thanks to his influence, he has been able to keep the people of his dorm out of trouble. Most of the time. The clan that is most aggressive when it comes to the Half-Bloods, and there have been few cases of gang fights amongst the members of both factions. That is why ARES keeps an eye on Asakami Clan.


The dorms of the Asakami Clan consist of numerous, modern Japanese houses which all house 5 students each, males and females separately. All in all, the dorm area looks like a cross between a modern campus and Japanese suburb, with it's own small grocery store and few other shops. It is often said to be the most "normal" of all the dorm areas. The office and the quarters of the dorm head are in the biggest, three-story building in the middle of the dorm area.

Current Members[]

Here is a list of the currently known members in Asakami Clan