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Alan McCarthy
Appears in: Fate/Moon White
Played by: Hyarion
Character type: Magus, Master
Affiliation: Magic Association (distant)
Holy Church (distant)
Gender: Male
Height: 1.70 m
Weight: 68 kg
Hair color: Reddish-brown
Eye color: Gray

Alan McCarthy is one of the player characters in Fate/Moon White, and the Master of Rider.




The future head of the McCarthys, one of the more well-known magus families in Ireland. Although technically a member of the Magic Association, they tend to keep to themselves. In fact, they are more infamous for being rather vocal dissidents in the past than for their bloodline itself. There are even rumors that they are on good terms with the Holy Church.

Alan dislikes the Association just as much as the rest of his family - possibly more. He attended the Clock Tower's Dublin branch as a young adult, but this only cemented his view of most magi within the organization as elitist and arrogant, among other things. He dropped off the radar shortly after graduating, though considering the nature of the McCarthys, no one thought twice about it.

Now a private investigator living in the States, he returned to the world of magi after receiving a letter inviting him to fly to Japan and take part in a ritual known as the Holy Grail War.

Known Abilities[]


The most prized spell in the McCarthy Magic Crest. Alan uses it quite differently from his predecessors, for various reasons. When used like this, activating it causes him to essentially become beneath notice. Basically, Vitrification. It only works when Alan has no wish to fight - thus, unlike Presence Concealment, it cannot be used for ambushes and the like.

Detecting Alan is possible, but requires extraordinary circumstances - a rank B in Clairvoyance, a rank C in Mental Pollution, etc - as well as a good reason why Alan stands out. Remember, Ríastrad does not change Alan's appearance. Simply being able to see through it will not make you notice him, or help you spot him in a crowd, for example.


To Bishop Turpin: "In both our lines of work, there are no coincidences. Fate, Providence, call it whatever you want - it looks like I was on a holy mission after all."