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ARES is the primary security and military force on OLYMPUS. While not much has been disclosed about their combat methods, it is known that they possess strong enough counter measures against Servant-level opponents to maintain law and order. The most basic training for all prospective candidates is two months. If any of the recruits exhibit appropriate talents or abilities, they are relegated to a period of specialized training. As with any large military organization, there are multiple branches to ARES. Currently headed by Tracey Lovestone.

ARES has two distinct uniforms, one for men and the other for women.


Like any security force, ARES features a dedicated Riot Force branch. Known incidents involving ZELUS thus far include the December Decay incident and a riot where roughly half of the Half-Blood population went rampant.


The Special Forces of ARES. Given the position and namesake of MOROS, any who find themselves unfortunate enough be targeted will meet a swift end.


This branch is the dedicated security force of the Research Division of ARES stationed in Demeter Market. It is currently headed by Maxwellia Arothron, #23 in the Duel Chart and one of the infamous Four Devas of OLYMPUS.

The BIA Uniform is unisex, with the sole exception that the male version has pants.


Based in the Hephaestus District, this branch can be considered the engineering corps of ARES. It is currently headed by Tetsuyama Rin, another of the Four Devas of OLYMPUS.

KRATOS has two uniforms, both pictured here.


A branch based on the Nike Casino, and serves as its security. Headed by Kujaku Senhime, one of the Four Devas of OLYMPUS.

The only known uniform for NEMESIS members is the female one.


A branch centered on the exploration and policing of the network of tunnels underlying the whole of OLYMPUS. Headed by Octavia Julmakäsi


An unknown branch. Most people in OLYMPUS don't seem to know what they are, but know that their members are extremely dangerous.